That’s a big word, obeisance. But considering the synonyms are “respect, homage, worship, adoration, reverence, veneration, honor, submission, deference” we cannot imagine a word that better describes the stance of Connecticut’s top politicians to same-sex “marriage.”

It it almost comical. On the Left, loud and open support for same-sex “marriage” is now a must for anyone who wants to be thought enlightened by his peers.

But here in Connecticut–heart of New England progressivism! (or so we’re told, repeatedly)–same-sex “marriage” was defeated every year at the state legislature and only came about through the vote of a single judge on the State Supreme Court.

Oh, the humiliation! What’s a progressive Connecticut politician (or reporter) to do? Sure, you can pretend that it was the legislature that “enacted” same-sex “marriage”…and when that doesn’t work you can say, well ok, but they “signed off” on the court ruling…and when it’s pointed out that the codification bill actually wrote into law the strongest religious liberty exemptions against same-sex “marriage” in the country, you can mumble something about Connecticut being the first state to pass gay civil unions without a court order…but alas, even that wasn’t the breakthrough that our hapless Connecticut progressive makes it out to be.

So what is the progressive Connecticut politician to do? The answer is to try to associate yourself with same-sex “marriage” events elsewhere in the country that have nothing to do with you, so often and so shamelessly that even The Hartford Courant is embarrassed for you.

The latest installment in this story of Connecticut politicians’ continuing obsequiousness to the same-sex “marriage” agenda is–wait for it!–the news that “Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen said Monday that the state will recognize same-sex marriages performed in Utah during the 17 days they were legal.”

During the 17 days that it was legal. But no matter. Anything to grab on to the glamor the same-sex “marriage” cause holds for the Left–a glamor that, outside of Connecticut’s own mainstream media, was largely denied to our state’s politicians.