Peter is 'that guy'


(Photo above: Our Executive Director demonstrates why he is the life of every party…)


For those who aren’t familiar with me, I am known as the Public Policy Assistant at FIC Action. I’m just going to put this out there: I have an awesome job. I am writing when I should definitely be sleeping, because my mind won’t quit for the excitement of sharing some of what has happened in the past week.

New Haven/West Haven Special Election
I had the privilege of being present when last Tuesday’s poll results came in. Would I prefer for our candidate to have won? Of course. It was a valiant effort in an off-season race though, and as I have been telling anyone who would listen, we have long vision. First, endorse a solid candidate; second, he or she must raise the money; third, encourage FIC Action Committee members to volunteer; etc. We may absolutely keep our heads held high, and anticipate a bright career for Steven Mullins.

Me with Steve Mullins

(With my new friend, Steven Mullins.  He asks, “Do you normally wear heels?”)

Assisted Suicide Hearing Postponed
This remains a high priority. The heat is off for the moment, but we are far from idle. We still expect a hearing this month and will be holding volunteer training on Monday, March 10th. Be sure to sign up for our e-mail alerts and “Like” us on Facebook to stay informed.

Common Core Forum
It is true that we have had an almost single-minded focus on defeating Raised Bill 5326, the assisted suicide bill. Lest anyone think we have forgotten other topics, I attended Friday’s session at the Capitol to hear what was being said about the controversial education standards that seem to be uniting the right, left, and center. I was pleased that our representatives are asking, in my opinion, good, skeptical questions – not pitching softballs. In particular, Danté Bartolomeo showed courage in calling out a Common Core spokesperson’s insinuation that people with misgivings simply need to find the guts to put them aside. I thought that the two spokesmen demonstrated remarkable naiveté regarding the financial incentives for states to adopt the standards and the tendency to focus on objectives that are spelled out versus objectives that aren’t; I was also irrepressibly shocked at the number of times one of them applied the words “I hope” to his own child’s education. What do you mean, you hope something is being taught? You aren’t sure? …More to come on this issue.

Women on Fire: Connecticut Black Republicans & Conservatives
On Saturday evening, I-91 and I bonded further as I returned to New Haven. There I had the great honor of meeting Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King Jr. and a civil rights champion in her own right. (Peter heard her speak at Yale in the morning; he was “that guy” asking “those questions”…in other words, the Peter we know and love.) The most memorable part of King’s speech in acceptance of the award from the Connecticut Black Republicans & Conservatives, for me, was a great heart’s transcendence of the genuinely petty aspects of partisanship to look with love upon one’s opponents. Challenged and inspired is how I feel.

Me with Alveda King

My father taught me that an old Chinese curse says, “May you live in interesting times.” These times certainly qualify by most standards. It’s still a very joyful life. Always remember, it was for just such a time that we were made!