Stop “Intactivists” from criminalizing male circumcision, including Jewish brit milah

Family Institute of Connecticut Action fights for the religious liberty of all of Connecticut’s citizens, not just Christians. We will be responding to an attack on the religious freedom of Connecticut’s Jewish community tomorrow. Although it is short notice, we invite as many FIC members as possible to join us.

Opponents of circumcision (also known as “intactivists”) will be rallying near the Capitol on Tuesday, November 19. These groups include Intact Connecticut and Bloodstained Men. Intactivists have been promoting draconian legislation criminalizing all male circumcision, including religious circumcisions. One bill in Massachusetts, which would have sentenced both parents and mohelim to 14-year prison terms, received a public hearing as the “Massachusetts State Prohibition of Genital Mutilation Act.” In San Francisco, intactivists were able to petition to get a ban on the city ballot before the state pre-empted them with its own legislation. These proposals explicitly forbade any religious exemption. The Massachusetts legislation had the following clause:

… no account shall be taken of the effect on the person on whom the operation is to be performed of any belief on the part of that or any other person that the operation is required as a matter of custom or ritual.

We are organizing a counter protest to stop this grave menace to religious liberty before it takes hold in Connecticut. Although time is short, we ask you to join us:

Date: Tuesday, November 19
Time: 10:00 (The “intactivists” plan to remain until 3:00 in their white suits with immodest blood stains. FIC will be there for the first hour, 10 am, or however long people can stay.)
Place: Intersection of Capitol Avenue and Lafayette Street, Hartford, near the state Supreme Court building opposite the Capitol