Your legislator wants to meet with you!

Update: Our Lobby Day has been POSTPONED due to the impending storm. Click here for details.

Join FIC Action on Wednesday, March 21st in Hartford

Remember last year, when we told you it was the worst legislative session we had ever seen? Well, 2018 is worse. In the next week or two our legislature will soon hold hearings on bills attacking human life at both its beginning and end, both a pro-abortion bill attacking pregnancy centers and a fourth public hearing on assisted suicide.

Please click here to contact your legislators now and ask them to vote NO on assisted suicide.

And it’s not just attacks on pregnancy centers and the lives of disabled people this year, either. There is a “living wills” bill designed to make Connecticut law more pro-abortion, a contraceptive mandate bill that attacks religious liberty just as Obamacare once did, a bill for testing children for sexually transmitted diseases without their parents permission, and bills to legalize recreational marijuana and expand casino gambling. These bills will all be heard during what is supposed to be a “short” session focused on the budget.

On [DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED] the Family Institute of Connecticut Action will hold a Pro-Family Lobby Day, beginning at our office in Hartford and then continuing at the Legislative Office Building. We need as many pro-family state residents as possible to attend our lobby day and then meet with their own legislators afterwards to ask them to vote to protect life, faith and family.

This will be a joint Lobby Day with our disability rights allies at Second Thoughts Connecticut, who are outraged that assisted suicide is getting a fourth public hearing in five years, after the bill was repeatedly crushed in committee. 

We will start at FIC Action’s office, where we will receive packets of pro-family information and listen to speakers. From there we will go to meet with our individual legislators to ask them to vote pro-family. Don’t worry if you have never “lobbied” before! We will have materials available to help you.

The most effective approach to lobbying for faith and family is to bring as many people as possible to Hartford on a weekday to meet directly with their state representative and state senator. We know it is a sacrifice to take a day off from work and we appreciate what so many of you are willing to do to help protect society’s most vulnerable citizens. But our opposition regularly appears at the state Capitol with well-heeled lobbyists. Having legislators see with their own eyes that the pro-family side enjoys greater public support is the only way to reverse the anti-family stranglehold over our state Capitol.

And FIC Action will be there on March 21st to help guide you. Following our 10:30 meeting at our office, our volunteers will be in the lobby of the Legislative Office Building to help direct you to where you need to go to meet with your own state representative and state senator. We will also provide brief talking points on why pro-family bills should be supported (there are a few!) and anti-family bills should be opposed.

In fact, we want you to get a jumpstart on making your March 21st lobbying day as effective as possible by calling your legislators now and scheduling an appointment with them. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of making these appointments ahead of time. It is essential. FIC Action can guide you but we cannot escort you to their offices and make the arrangements ourselves. Here’s what you should do:

– Call your state representative and state senator and make an appointment to meet with them. House Democrats can be reached at 800-842-8267 and House Republicans can be reached at 800-842-1423. Senate Democrats can be reached at 800-842-1420 and Senate Republicans can be reached at 860-240-8800.

– Tell them that you are their constituent and you would like them to be at the state Capitol on March 21st to meet with you. Set a time. Do not settle for meeting with a legislative aide–tell the aide that you want just 5 minutes of your legislator’s time.

– If when you arrive for your appointment your legislator is in session, give a note to a “runner” from his office to inform him or her that you have arrived. Most legislators will take time out of the session to meet with their constituents.

– If your legislator(s) are not available on March 21st, pick another day to meet with him or her. We need as many people as possible to attend our March 21st Lobby Day. But the most important thing is that you have face-to-face time with your legislators to ask them to vote pro-family.

Protecting faith and family in 2018 depends on you. Please forward this message to every pro-family state voter you know and encourage them to join the fight. Tell your churches to come to FIC Action’s [DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED] Lobby Day and help us fight for the family!

We hope to see as many of you as possible at Family Institute’s office and, afterward, at the Legislative Office Building on [DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED]. Thank you and God bless you for all that you do to fight for faith, family and freedom.

We need your support to hold rallies, lobby days, press conferences and other pro-family public education events! Click here to give FIC Action the resources to convince legislators to vote pro-family!

Please get the word out to your churches, friends, and family!

Family Institute of Connecticut’s office is located at 77 Buckingham Street in Hartford, on the first floor. Parking: From Buckingham St turn onto John St (directly behind South Church) and use the first two parking lots on right. Do not park in third lot which is used as school children’s play area.
Please RSVP by calling FIC at 860-548-0066 so we know how many people to expect.

The Legislative Office Building is located at 300 Capitol Avenue in Hartford. We intend for everyone to drive there once we are done at FIC’s office. But FIC is close enough that you can walk there, if the weather is good. 

Limited public parking is available on level one and basement level of the Legislative Office Building.

Across the street from the Legislative Office Building, and across Capitol Ave. is Hungerford Street. There is street parking in this entire neighborhood, free of charge.

On Oak Street (diagonally across to the left from the Legislative Office Building) off of Capitol Ave., there is a public parking garage in the CT Education Association Building (CEA building – across from CT Supreme Court Library). This garage costs money, but will save you the time and aggravation of having to park.

We need your support to hold rallies, lobby days, press conferences and other pro-family public education events! Click here to give FIC Action the resources to convince legislators to vote pro-family!

Thank you!