Making progress in the fight for life.

The Family Institute of Connecticut has been working closely with Family Policy Councils across America in the hopes that the Dobbs case would rule in our favor and Roe v. Wade would be overturned. In case you missed it . . it was! One of the projects was to create an #AfterRoe campaign and brochure that briefly outlines short and long term goals for abortion and pregnancy related advocacy.

Thanks to our members, FIC was able to distribute hundreds of brochures to faith leaders and legislators in the lead-up to the Dobbs decision being released. Much of the information in this brochure is available at Family Policy Alliance. We hope you will visit this website as your share the good news of Dobbs with your fellow pro-lifers, friends, families, co-workers and and everyone who wonders what the next steps are. Spoiler-alert . . . they include care for abortion-minded women as well as policy-driven suggestions.

We have brochures available for personal and group use. If your pastor or church did not receive a brochure, or you are interested in a copy, please contact FIC at We’d be very happy to send you one or many.