FIC Action E-Blast from Peter Wolfgang:

Pro-Life Rally Tuesday, May 21, 2019, Noon, at State Capitol **More Details to Follow**

On the marching orders of the pro-abortion lobby and on the basis of no objective evidence whatsoever, this past week the majority of Connecticut’s House of Representatives passed H.B. 7070, the Anti-Pregnancy Center Bill, which subjects the advertising of pro-life pregnancy care centers to the oversight and authority of the Attorney General of Connecticut. The Attorney General will have sole discretion in determining whether the advertising is “deceptive” or not. 

These centers honestly and openly serve hundreds of women in our state seeking assistance and an alternative to abortion. Litigation created by this bill, even if using false claims, could easily put these centers out of business. The centers are not able to recover legal costs under this bill, even if a court rules the claim is false.

The pro-abortionists plan to hold a rally Tuesday to exploit pro-life gains in other states in order to scare Connecticut into passing their extremist agenda: a law that will eventually put our state’s pregnancy centers out of business.

Family Institute of Connecticut Action joins the Connecticut Pregnancy Care Coalition and the Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs Conference in calling upon EVERY PRO-LIFER IN OUR STATE to attend a pro-life counter-rally at noon on Tuesday on the opposite end of the state Capitol.

This is the big one, folks.

The Anti-Pregnancy Center Bill is the first abortion-related legislation to pass a chamber of the Connecticut General Assembly in nearly thirty years. Our last chance to stop it from becoming law is in the State Senate. That is why the pro-life rally to counter the pro-abortion rally is so urgent.

Are you a Christian homeschooler? Someone who attends the March for Life? Someone who prays outside an abortuary? Someone who supports pregnancy centers? Or someone who is just plain pro-life?

If you are any of these things but never (or rarely) come to the state Capitol, believe us, this Tuesday you need to be there! If it is at all possible for you to be there, staying home is not an option.

Whatever good we do for the pro-life cause in other venues will be swept away by the greater willingness of pro-abortion activists to bend Connecticut’s political system to its will. 

Even in our liberal state, there are literally thousands more pro-life activists in Connecticut than there are pro-abortion ones. But we don’t show up at the Capitol in the same numbers the other side does. That is why our situation is so dire right now. 

We can turn it around, Connecticut pro-lifers. We can win this fight. But in order to do so, we have to show up.

Please, contact every email list of Connecticut pro-lifers you know. Please, ask them to show up on Tuesday and plan to be there yourself.

This is one time we really cannot afford to not be there. The good work that Connecticut pro-lifers have been quietly doing in our state for the past thirty years is under attack. Whether or not we – that is, all of you – can continue to do that work may depend on whether or not you come to the pro-life rally on Tuesday and make your voice heard.

Please join the Pregnancy Center Coalition, the Catholic Church and FIC Action this Tuesday. More details to follow.

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Thank you!