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June 8th Event on Obamacare and Religious Liberty

Family Institute of Connecticut Action has expended more energy in opposition to the HHS abortifacient mandate than any other federal issue with which we have ever been involved–an issue …
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Meanwhile, on Planet Weicker…

Former Governor Lowell Weicker says the Connecticut GOP is “irrelevant.”

No one disputes that the CT GOP has been in an exceedingly weak position for decades, a legislative superminority …
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Honoring our Father and Mother

By  •  Family life

You matter…why else would people carve this into their bicep?

One hundred years ago this month, Woodrow Wilson proclaimed Mother’s Day a national holiday. Officially originating in the United …
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Pro-Lifers Sue Access Health CT

By  •  Pro-Life

In a July 26, 2012 email alert we told you that FIC and our allies had succeeded in getting the Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange Board of Directors to receive …
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Suicide Prevention Plan Highlights Recklessness of Concourse Ad

By  •  Pro-Life

On Monday, The New London Day ran this story about Connecticut College leading a suicide prevention effort that would put signs on a city bridge – similar to what …
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At UConn, the Only Bad Proselytizing is Christian Proselytizing

We told you yesterday how Boster’s bloviating was the fruit of Herbst’s hectoring. Now, according to The Hartford Courant, the University of Connecticut has put out the following statement:

Everyone …
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Video Captures UConn Professor’s Embarrassingly Public Nutty

Some headlines write themselves, but the first person to commit them to print goes down in legend. For instance, Mel Blanc’s epitaph: “That’s all, folks.” I wish I had …
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Boster’s Bloviating the Fruit of Herbst’s Hectoring

You may have missed the news Tuesday, University of Connecticut professor James Boster, a devout secularist, routed “heretics” on campus who questioned The Origin of Species as not being …
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Desperate Hobby Lobby Critics Fling Mud Upwind

“He who slings mud generally loses ground.” – Adlai Stevenson

I don’t need to go looking for outrage. Therefore, I am not a regular reader of Huffington Post. Because …
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Mozilla Madness

Yet another same-sex “marriage”-related boycott is in the news.

To be clear up front, I’m down with boycotts, conceptually; however, I’m happy to offer my cynical observations on particular …
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