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Regarding Rowland

By  •  Prayer

I haven’t said anything about John Rowland this week because I felt like I already said it all here.

Rowland leaving WTIC under a cloud of scandal does not harm …
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Pro-Life Victory in Branford

By  •  Education

[Sam Bailey-Loomis is President and founder of Branford High School Students for Life & Students for Life of Branford ~ PW]

Being an abortion abolitionist is no easy task. I …
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Confusion & Chicanery: Dishonest Ads Target Connecticut

By  •  Pro-Life, Events

I was doing research online the other day and managed to trigger a pop-up ad “Sponsored by Compassion and Choices” (formerly the Hemlock Society), the well-funded group behind the …
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Assisted Suicide Lobby Rolls Out Green Carpet

By  •  Pro-Life

astroturfing the act of creating a small organization and making it appear to represent something popular for the purpose of promoting a particular entity, cause, etc. (a play on …
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Ask Public Health Committee to Vote NO on Assisted Suicide

By  •  Pro-Life, Events

As you know from FIC Action’s email alerts, the Public Health Committee has until Friday, March 28th to vote on HB 5326, the Assisted Suicide bill. Please contact the …
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New Hampshire House of Representatives Kills Assisted Suicide Bill Instead of its Citizens

By  •  Pro-Life

[Nancy Elliott is a former member of New Hampshire House of Representatives. – PW]

Yesterday, the New Hampshire House of Representatives rejected HB1325, which would have instituted Assisted Suicide …
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Q Poll Flawed


For Immediate Release: Tuesday, March 6, 2014 Contact: Peter Wolfgang 860-548-0066

Quinnipiac Poll Showing Support for Assisted Suicide is Flawed

The following …
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Hitting the Road – An FICer’s Week in Review


(Photo above: Our Executive Director demonstrates why he is the life of every party…)


For those who aren’t familiar with me, I am known as the Public …
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Why Pursue Survey if it Makes Students Feel Defensive?

The front page of Monday’s Waterbury Republican-American reads:

Litchfield High School senior Hannah Arnold plans to be one of the 406 students who take part in an anonymous ‘Profiles …
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Reggie Littlejohn Discusses China’s War on Women in Colchester 2/27

By  •  Pro-Life, Events

From our friend, Nicole Peck:

Reggie Littlejohn is Founder and President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, an international coalition to expose and oppose forced abortion, gendercide and sexual slavery …
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