Connecticut Media Bias

2013: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

In the six years since Peter Wolfgang became president of Family Institute of Connecticut Action, we have suffered only one major legislative defeat: the passage of the 2011 Bathroom …
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Connecticut Talk Radio and the Pro-Family Cause

The best social conservative talk radio host in Connecticut is a man who once performed a lesbian “wedding” underneath a Family Institute of Connecticut billboard. His name is and …
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Marching for Marriage

Meanwhile opponents of same-sex marriage are also gearing up. The National Organization for Marriage is holding a march in Washington Tuesday. The Family Institute of Connecticut is a sponsor …
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Not “Anti-Gay,” Anti-Same-Sex “Marriage”

Family Institute of Connecticut is pleased that the Wolcott Board of Education has given into the ACLU’s demand that student Seth Groody be allowed to wear a shirt protesting …
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Media Bias in McDonald Confirmation

In 2009, then-State Senator Andrew McDonald led the most blatantly unconstitutional attack on religious liberty in recent memory when he tried to pass a bill that would have stripped …
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Newtown and Abortion: “Senseless Slaughter”

Our friends at the editorial page of the (Waterbury) Republican-American pull no punches:

More senseless slaughter: While Americans continue to try to come to grips with the senseless slaughter …
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