Last week, we noted that when our Governor speaks of “shared sacrifice,” Planned Parenthood is the unspoken exception. Our friends at Connecticut Right to Life have issued a detailed press release exposing the extent of the ruling class’s love affair with the nation’s premier abortion chain, at the expense of legitimate health organizations:


Hospitals Cut as Planned Parenthood Spared
HIV / AIDS Program Slashed in Governor’s Budget

“… the more they make themselves like a for-profit operation, then they should expect greater scrutiny.”
Gov. Dannel Malloy on NPR’s “Where We Live”

10/7/15 at minute 22:24

Only one week after Congress scrutinized the revenue and funding of non-profit Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, Governor Malloy has spared cuts to the organization’s unrestricted state grant despite cutting funding to the State’s 29 hospitals and other social services.

Connecticut Right to Life has learned that the Planned Parenthood’s unrestricted state grant remains intact after Governor Malloy ordered cuts to various accounts in order to balance the state’s budget.

“If he considers Planned Parenthood to be a healthcare provider, then we’d expect them to be treated the same as other healthcare services. Its clear he has a different standard for his political allies,” says CT Right to Life’s Christopher O’Brien.

During NPR’s “Where We Live” program on Monday, Malloy made a point to say that the state’s non-profit hospitals collectively made $916 million and their CEOs ‘make a lot of money’. (radio program minute 20:12, 21:53).

During last week’s Congressional hearing, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecille Richards admitted that her organization ended 2014 with a $127 million surplus after receiving over half a billion dollars in federal funding. “Most of us would call that ‘profit'”, says O’Brien. Richards also makes a cozy $590,000 a year.

“Its ironic how the very verbal attacks the Governor made against hospitals could very much apply towards the taxpayer funded abortion provider,” O’Brien said.

Connecticut taxpayers are even footing the bill for the organization’s construction renovation of its New Haven clinic. “This is a disgusting misuse of taxpayers funds and trust!” says O’Brien.

It’s ironic how the very verbal attacks the Governor made against hospitals could very much apply towards the taxpayer funded abortion provider

Planned Parenthood receives tax money in four ways in Connecticut. Two line items are directly from the state budget. A grant awarded in January is directed towards the renovation of Planned Parenthood’s headquarters in New Haven. Finally, abortions and other services are reimbursed by Medicaid. Since the federal government bans funding of most abortions, Medicaid abortions are paid soley with state funds on paper.

Planned Parenthood has contracts for “Family Planning” services funded from a $1,060,191 allocation. That amount is unrestricted and was unaffected by the Governor’s rescissions. the Governor made last week. According to OPM, the much smaller AIDS/HIV account was cut $4,250.

Account Purpose Annual Allocation Rescission
AIDS / HIV Services HIV prevention $64,998 $4,250
Community Health Servics “Family Planning” $1,060,191 $0.00

“From a moral standpoint, how can the Governor justify cutting services that actually help prevent the spread of HIV, but keep a highly controversial account for abortions entirely intact? We see clearly where Governor Malloy’s priorities lay. On one hand, he is devastating the families of nurses being laid off by hospitals through these cuts and endangering patient care, while at the same time promoting the killing of unborn children.” said O’Brien. “Unbelievable.”

O’Brien points out that several politicians earlier this year made a point of highlighting the HIV prevention services to the media, while ignoring the larger, 94% allocation to Planned Parenthood.

“What’s obscene to thousands of Connecticut taxpayers that not only are we funding abortion in Connecticut each and every year, but also renovating their headquarters in New Haven to the tune of $404,763!”

“Where We Live” broadcast can be found here:

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