This Saturday June 5th, a peaceful prayer vigil will be held at the Southington Green from 9am to 12pm. For the first time ever the LGBTQ pride flag is being raised over the Southington Municipal building. This is part of a two-week celebration for pride month in which drag queen story time will take place at a local park and sidewalks will be painted with LGBTQ affirming messages. Some of the businesses and churches in Southington are taking place in these activities which include introducing teens to concepts of gender fluidity and the idea that normative heterosexuality can be oppressive.

This prayer gathering will take place just one-half of a mile away from the building where the LGBTQ flag flies. The purpose of the prayer gathering is to honor the biblical definition of marriage (one man and one woman), to celebrate family and to pray for our nation to return to choose biblical principles over popular cultural ideologies.

The prayer gathering is being organized by Coalition for the Preservation of Marriage and Innocence. The coalition supports marriage between one man and one woman, leaving children’s gender issues up to their parents and not the educational system, and a return to Judeo-Christian principles in our government as ordained by our founders. The coalition opposes drag queen story hours for children, the irreversible physical and emotional damage to children through pursuing medical treatments and surgeries to transition and the state sanctioned enforcement of teaching concepts such as gender fluidity to school children. They stand against the Equality Act and any similar legislation that allows for men to reside in women’s shelters or safe spaces and biological boys to enter girls locker rooms or bathrooms.

The coalition is peaceful and opposed to violence of any sort. They are compelled by love to protect children and stand for their biblical values regarding marriage and family. For more information on the rally and the coalition you can email or call Tom and Debbie Berrill at 860-877-1547.