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6/30/22: Connecticut abortion law, tax changes to take effect Friday ‘Peter Wolfgang, executive director of the Family Institute of Connecticut, a group that opposes abortion and has questioned whether advanced practice clinicians are qualified to provide the procedure, predicted the provision in the new law “will likely be fought in the courts.”’

6/29/22: On WNPR: With Roe overturned, a Family Institute of Connecticut representative (Christina Bennett) says making abortion illegal in Connecticut is a goal. 

6/29/22: West Hartford Pride Organizers: Drag Queen Story Time moved after ’possible threat’ ‘The FIC released a statement on the day of the West Hartford Pride Festival saying that the Drag Queen Story Time was canceled, “After weeks of pressure from local parents and the Family Institute of Connecticut.”’

6/25/22: ‘Devastated’ Planned Parenthood and ‘overjoyed’ Right to Life plan for post-Roe future

6/25/22: Anti-abortion and abortion rights advocates both rally after SCOTUS ruling 

6/25/22: Pro-life supporters speak out at State Capitol following Supreme Court Roe v. Wade ruling

6/25/22: Community Members in Support of Roe V. Wade Being Overturned Gather in Hartford

6/24/22: New Haven citizens protest supreme courts decision to overturn Roe V. Wade. But some are feeling victorious, like the Family Institute of Connecticut. “Over time people will come to realize that abortion is not good law. Abortion is not good practice…,” said Peter Wolfgang of the Family Institute of CT.

6/24/22:Connecticut Public Radio / WNPR Where We Live with Lucy Nalpathanchil NEXT UP: 10:00 AM On Point Stream Expand ‘We should celebrate’: In Connecticut, opponents of abortion rights welcome reversal of Roe v. Wade

6/24/22: With overturn of Roe v. Wade, CT gears up for a surge of patients seeking abortions Peter Wolfgang: “The overturning of Roe v. Wade is what pro-lifers have prayed for, marched for, worked for, voted for, for 49 years. And now we’re going to do the same thing in Connecticut to hopefully overturn the 1990 law that still keeps abortion legal here.”

6/24/22: Connecticut residents rally after Supreme Court overrules abortion law, ‘this is just opening up the doors to so much’ ‘”We want a country. We want a state of Connecticut where every unborn child is protected in law and welcomed in life,” Wolfgang said.’

6/24/22: Connecticut split over Supreme Court overruling abortion law; Tong says it ‘carves our nation in two’ ‘Wolfgang noted “members of the legislature’s Black and Puerto Rican Caucus spoke passionately against the [Abortion Expansion] bill….Lawmakers noted that Black women make up only 12% of the population but have 38% of abortions.”‘

6/24/22: Fast and furious reaction from Connecticut on overturning of Roe v. Wade He compared the ruling to the fall of the Berlin Wall and Juneteenth. “Today is liberation day for the unborn,” Wolfgang said. “This is a victory we have been working toward for 49 years.”

6/16/22: Abortion Opponents Express Concern Over Potential For Violence Following Supreme Court Ruling “We call upon our elected officials here in the state of Connecticut…to denounce this. We call upon our opponents in the abortion debate to denounce this,” Wolfgang said. “We’ve seen very little of that. It concerns us greatly.”

6/16/22: Conn. prolife groups express concerns over violence increase Now we’re starting to see violence in the name of the pro-choice cause, in the pro-abortion side of this argument, and we’re not seeing the same sort of condemnations, that’s what concerns us,” said Peter Wolfgang of the Family Institute of Connecticut.

5/17/22:Lamont challenges Stefanowski to clarify abortion stance Via Capitol Report: “FIC’s Wolfgang calls out Gilchrest ‘lie,’ Stefanowski doubles down on parental notification…”

5/12/22: Anti-abortion leader says Bob Stefanowski ‘has heartened pro-life voters’ “When abortion comes up in Connecticut, Democrats snap to attention, and Republicans wet themselves. And Bob is the first Republican in 20 years that I’ve seen to actually seize the initiative and flip the script with that statement,” Wolfgang said.

5/10/22: Abortion group’s word spin evokes Nazi atrocities

5/9/22: Connecticut lawmakers condemn Supreme Court draft decision, don’t expect much change in state The Family Institute of Connecticut, an anti-abortion organization, said in a news release Tuesday that if the leaked draft turns out to be accurate, “it will be an enormous victory for life in America.”

5/3/22: Connecticut officials concerned about leaked U.S. Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade “Repealing Roe v. Wade is the thing pro-lifers have marched for, prayed for, worked for, and voted for these last 49 years,’’ Wolfgang said. “CT’s pro-lifers will not stop until every unborn child in our state is protected in law and welcomed in life.’’

5/3/22: New York Times: Connecticut Moves to Strengthen Abortion Right . . . More than a dozen Democrats — most from the Black and Puerto Rican caucus — voted against the measure. “we have been a target of the abortion industry,” said Rep. McGee, who is Black….Wolfgang: “God willing, the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade.”

4/27/22: Will century-old Italian politics influence American (and CT) law on abortion?

3/25/22: Connecticut Pro-Life Leader Whose Mother Chose Life: ‘The Place That Could Have Been My Graveyard Is Now My Battleground’

3/1/22: Assisted Suicide Legislation Before Connecticut State Lawmakers “The bill is euphemistically titled “Aid in Dying for Terminally Ill Patients,” wrote Leslie Wolfgang last week at Family Institute of Connecticut, which opposes the bill. Wolfgang observed that, at the Public Health Committee’s public hearing, supporters of the legislation appeared to be overwhelmed by the number of individuals who oppose it. Liz Gustafson, state director for abortion lobbying group NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut, for example, is promoting the legislation, Wolfgang noted:

Nobody will be surprised that Ms. Gustafson is the State Director of ProChoice Connecticut, which asserts it is “Connecticut’s leading political advocate for reproductive freedom.” And although, abortion is its main gig, it also realizes that they lose support among the majority who oppose abortion for any reason when they are honest, so “reproductive freedom” it is! But, euphemisms abound, because they also support “aid in dying”. If you follow politics in CT or this blog, you know that “aid in dying” is the phrase now even the Connecticut media uses to describe “assisted suicide” … “Assisted suicide” is the term used by the state statutes. In fact, a Connecticut Superior Court determined that “Medical Aid in Dying” was just “assisted suicide” by another name. Blick v. Off. of Div. of Crim. 2010 Ct. Sup. 11992 (Conn. Super. Ct. 2010).



3/24/22: The March for Life on the Frontlines: Connecticut’s Historic Pro-Life Moment

3/23/22: Abortion opponents march on CT Capitol

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10/29/15: Anti-abortion activists protest Planned Parenthood president at New Haven’s Long Wharf Theatre

10/13/15: Toilers for life honored for their service

7/31/15: Local marchers protest Planned Parenthood

3/4/15: CT bill would provide access to unapproved drugs.

3/2/15: Home-schooling Parents Bristle at Sandy Hook Policy Recommendations

2/24/15: Committee hears backers of bill to allow terminally ill to try experimental drugs.

2/23/15: Should CT give terminally ill patients the ‘right to try’ unapproved treatments?

The Waterbury Republican defends the Family Institute of Connecticut

The Hartford Courant’s influential cartoonist opined against assisted suicide legislation in 2014.

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3/2/15: Leslie Wolfgang: False Fears of End of Life Prosecution

2/28/15: Connecticut resident Maggie Karner opposes assisted suicide in powerful Hartford Courant oped.

2/27/15: Leslie Wolfgang: Assisted Suicide Bill Should Be Rejected

2/15/15: Nicole Stacy: Explore Alternatives to Assisted Suicide

Peter Wolfgang published in the Hartford Courant regarding analogy to ISIS.

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