Faith & Parental Rights

Do you think Connecticut educators should deceive parents in the name of “privacy”?

Should important mental health information be withheld from parents in the name of “privacy”?

What about referring to your child as a different sex over your stated objection?

The education elite in our state seem to think so.  But before then, let’s consider that in 2011 the Family Institute of Connecticut was the only organization that worked publicly to oppose the “Bathroom Bill” which unwisely welcomed men into women’s bathrooms across Connecticut. After passage, the bill also amended Section 10-15c of the Connecticut General Statues to include “gender identity and expression” to the list of prohibited discriminations by public schools.  Legal scholars admit that at the time, it was unclear what that meant for school children and their parents.  But 10 years later it has become more clear what the Connecticut Department of Education and the Connecticut Association of School Boards really want.

Many parents support their children wearing clothing of the opposite sex and that is their prerogative.  Other parents don’t want to know their child is making a dangerous foray into gender confusion and there is little any of us can do.  But many parents, not just parents of faith, would be surprised if they learned that the Connecticut State Board of Education and Connecticut Department of Education strictly discourage parental notification of gender dysphoria and transgender behavior and also advises schools to ignore parents’ directives with regard to using a child’s preferred name.  Here are excerpts from a September 2017 Guidance on Civil Rights Protections and Supports for Transgender Students from the Connecticut State Department of Education. 

“The school’s obligation to treat a student consistent with the student’s gender identity or expression does not require notice from the parent or guardian.” page 4

“There may be instances where a parent/guardian of a student who is under 18 disagrees with the student regarding the name, gender marker and pronoun to be used at school and in the student’s education records. For example, the parent/guardian may object to a minor student’s request for a change to education records or to a change already made at the student’s request. Current law does not provide a clear rule for school districts to follow in these situations. However, declining to use a transgender student’s chosen name, gender marker and pronoun at school or in the student’s records (or otherwise failing to treat the student consistent with the student’s gender identity) because a parent/guardian objects would raise serious civil rights concerns under existing law and could cause severe psychological/emotional harm to the student.”

“At the same time, the fact that there is a dispute between a minor student and parent/guardian concerning the student’s gender identity indicates a need for counseling or other supports to assist the family and ensure the well-being of the student. In these situations, the school should consult with legal counsel and relevant counseling staff to reach an appropriate outcome. Pending resolution of the issue, staff should informally refer to the student in accordance with the student’s preference at school and refer the family to appropriate counseling/support services.”  page 5

6. What if a student’s parents do not consent to a school changing educational records or using the student’s stated gender identity or chosen name?  . . . It is recommended that schools use a transgender student’s chosen name, gender marker and pronoun at school to ensure the well-being of the student and protect the student’s right to equal treatment, pending further guidance from district counsel and/or appropriate counseling staff or providers.” page 9, Sept. 2017 Guidance on Civil Rights Protections and Supports for Transgender Students, Frequently Asked Questions Connecticut State Department of Education. 

Here is the topper . . . from January 2013 Guidance for school boards 5145.53(b) published by the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education (CABE) and apparently adopted in 2017 by the Connecticut State Board of Education (adopted by New Haven Board of Education 11/22/21) (see also Greenwich Board of Education). . .“School personnel should not disclose information that may reveal a student’s transgender status or gender non-conforming presentation to others, including parents and other school personnel, unless legally required to do so or unless the student has authorized such disclosure.” (emphasis added)  These adopted and proposed policies are finally trickling down to the school level and parents are noticing.

Make no mistake, gender affirmation is only one relatively novel way to treat children with gender dysphoria and its long-term success or harm rate has not had time to be carefully studied. Despite other treatment options including gently encouraging children to maintain the gender of their birth, among our education elite “affirmation” is the preferred and as far as we can tell, the only treatment permitted in Connecticut public schools . . . even over the objection of parents and legal guardians. Our children should not be treated as guinea pigs and subject to a treatment that can lead to more invasive procedures and questionable drugs and therapies. At the very least, parents deserve to be notified and included by school staff and administrators once gender dysphoria is detected.


“Outrageous” can hardly describe what is happening across our state from the passage of the Bathroom Bill in 2011.  When the members of the Family Institute of Connecticut insisted that the Bathroom Bill would lead to unintended consequences, can anyone imagine that the law would someday prompt schools to deceive and hide from parents the fact that their child is experiencing a mental health condition called gender dysphoria or worse.  Brave whistle-blowers inform us that local schools facilitate “change rooms” where children are permitted to secretly change into clothing that supports their preferred identity. What other actions are school administrators taking to hide important information from the parents who know what is best for their children?

The message from the government is clear . . hide, dismiss, ignore parents and instruct them to comply or go for “counseling” (maybe we should call it . . re-education). We at the Family Institute of Connecticut learn about parents each day who are astonished to discover that this type of deception is happening at their local schools.  We are doing our best to inform and protect the families that wish to resist the irreversible damage being facilitated on their children in the interest of “safety” and “privacy” but we need your help.

We cannot do it without your support.  If you also believe the State and their education administrators have seriously over-stepped their authority and responsibilities, we need people like you to sign up for our regular e-mails as we learn more about this issue.

Do you want to learn more about having a loving and Christ-like response to the people in your life with gender dysphoria? Check out this Guide from our allies at the Family Policy Alliance . . .