CT's Budget is regularly used to force legislators to pass radical gender agendas.

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Connecticut has made national news by punishing a young man who vandalized a tampon dispenser in the boys’ bathroom at Brookfield High School . . . 20 minutes after it was installed.  

At issue is a bill to put menstrual products in restrooms maintained by the state (originally HB-5272 from 2022).  The bill received a hearing and was voted “out” of the Public Health Committee.  See how your legislator on the Committee voted here.  See a summary of the testimony during the public hearing, here, including Planned Parenthood, naturally.   

The language of the bill was then lifted and modified behind closed doors to include an absurd provision to place the products also in the “men’s restroom”.  This is a pattern with radical gender activists at the Connecticut Capitol. To hijack the budget process to pass radical gender ideology that would not survive scrutiny on the floor of either chamber directly. This provides cover for legislators who don’t want their votes recorded. 

The modified version was tucked into a budget implementation law, HB5506, sec. 84 (below) and mandates tampons to be placed in bathrooms for boys as young as 8 across the state before September 2024.  A simple law to put menstrual products in restrooms was hijacked by extremists to force 8-year-old boys to be complicit in the gender-confusion of some activist adults.

As you may know, Connecticut has a crisis of mental health among the young.  These 8-year-old boys are the same children who were forced to wear masks for a year as they entered pre-k and kindergarten.  What more can legislators and administrative agencies do to trouble their mental health? Expose them to confusing gender ideology – even in the bathroom!  

FIC has said this before, but do we also have to break down every barrier to modesty between the sexes?  Are women allowed nothing private anymore – such as the mechanisms behind their periods or how they are accommodated.  This used to be a great source of confidence and relationship building among girls and young women, but no more.  It all has to be deconstructed for the sake of “gender equity”.  

.The Act was amended in 2023, extending the deadline for implementation till 2024.

Shame on the leadership and activists who inserted this provision into the budget and on the legislators who voted for the original bill.  Not all legislators did.