HB5354, a bill to compost grandmas has been resurrected as a “study bill” and sent to the House for a vote. HB5354 would create 500 to MORE THAN 1,000 pounds of unsanitized human compost for each family to dispose of themselves. 😳 Will they sprinkle it in the forest? Toss a handful into the ocean? Maybe. But what will they do with the other 999 pounds of raw human compost? Or the compost from multiple people ground together (as permitted by the proposed bill)? There is no doubt that families will mulch grandma into the tomatoes, or sell it to someone who will.

“One terramated body can yield enough compost to fill up a Ford F150” – CEO Micah Truman of Return Home

Setting aside the knowledge that people will be used to replenish “depleted soil” and grow food that other people – adults and children will consume . . . What about the regard for human life? Isn’t allowing for a natural decomposition more aligned with nature or even biblical standards of what to do with our dead loved ones? Possibly, but mulching isn’t the natural or cheap solution (costing upwards of $5,000) some portray it to be. There are other substitutes such as burial without embalming or alkaline hydrolysis. So the argument that there is no other natural alternative to terramation is hogwash as well.

This is a bad idea for Connecticut that deserves to be bagged. Contact your legislators today on this and other bad bills – like a bill to permit porn in school libraries – using our Action Center.