Have Some Decency, Democrats

“Heartless soulless radical Christian terrorist.”

“You are one mentally sick bitch.”

Horrible as it is, language like that is not uncommon in the wild world of social media.

What is unusual is the source. Those comments appear on the Facebook of the Connecticut Democratic Party in response to a video by the Party attacking a sitting state representative, Anne Dauphinais:

The above comments were posted on the official Facebook of the Connecticut Democratic Party and two days later there they still sit, with the Party’s apparent approval. Indeed, the Democratic Party’s video itself calls Rep. Dauphinais “hateful”…for casting a vote the Democratic Party disapproves of.

Leave aside for a moment the claim of one eyewitness that the Democrat video was edited to take Rep. Dauphinais’ comments out of context. Leave aside the questions FIC has raised about whether the bill outlawed a non-existent practice in Connecticut or our broader free speech concerns.

Ask yourself, dear Connecticut Democrats: Is this the sort of Party you want to be? Are these the sort of people you want to be?

We live in a time when a Republican Congressman was shot by a Bernie Sanders supporter who disagreed with his politics.

Why would any political party want to contribute to the environment that made such a horrible thing possible?

Strong disagreement over politics is one thing. Stirring up potentially disturbed people is another.

So please, Connecticut Democrats, don’t throw grease on the fire. Remove the inflammatory video and the obnoxious comments that you allowed on your Facebook for two days. Have the decency to engage Rep. Dauphinais in an honest debate instead of aiming the unhinged at her.