Join us, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition and Patient’s Rights Action Fund to oppose an expansion of assisted suicide into an 11th state – Delaware. Assisted suicide activists regularly lie and legislators can be prone to their deceptions and influence, and this is what has happened in Delaware during their legislative session. You can read more about it here and send a message to their Governor here.

Connecticut is not immune to the hijinks of activist groups during the legislative session. Here is a call to remain vigilant against assisted suicide from our friends at Patient’s Rights Action Fund . . .

For our friends in the rest of the country, remember this day. Remember that ONE. SINGLE. Vote makes the difference on this issue. Your voice makes a difference. Your stories make a difference. 

The Delaware State Senate made a grievous mistake today, a mistake that we must prevent from happening in other states. If you haven’t been actively involved before, this is the time. Let this vote give you pause and be the encouragement you need to get involved. Proponents of assisted suicide will not stop. Neither can we. 

Let’s help our friends in another state and also help prevent future expansion into Connecticut by sending your message to Governor John Carney today.