Stop feeding the insanity at our local schools.

Are you unhappy with [explicit warning . . ] porny books in your kid’s school and local libraries? “Change rooms” to hide mental illness from parents? Gingerbread gender worksheets that confuse elementary school kids? The first quick-thing parents can do right now is OPT OUT OF SCHOOL SURVEYS.

1. Use this Opt-Out Form

2. Complete this simple survey.

That’s it! School surveys, the lot of them, feed data about your child and family to school administrators, the State Board of Education and external data collection agencies (Connecticut uses Panorama Education and other out-of-state companies to track your child as authorized by benign sounding state laws). They use that information to justify, of course . . . 1) more surveys, but also 2) more administrators, 3) comprehensive sex-ed (and accompanying sexually explicit books and materials, 4) categorizing and grooming of children and more.

You can help cut off the base of this intrusion into YOUR family life and the permanent record of your child’s emotional information by refusing to participate in school surveys. The Family Institute of Connecticut is teaming up with Courage is a Habit to help parents opt-out of school surveys this year. It is easy. Just submit our form to your local school administrators and complete our simple survey.

This is a limited-time initiative and we need your help to spread the word. Please complete your forms today and tell others. Thank you!

Do you want to learn more? FIC and Courage Is A Habit are sponsoring webinars this summer and a Let Kids Be Kids Conference in September. Please spread the word and join us!