Can this be a good use of state resources?

The Connecticut Department of Children and Families is laying the foundation for removal of children based on non-affirmation of gender identity by parents. There are many parents in Connecticut who are very concerned about their own children and feel threatened by the state. In Indiana, a family has been destroyed when their child was removed because their parents, in part, were non-affirming.

CT DCF became an advocacy organization with taxpayer funds when it assumed operations for True Colors – an LGBT activist organization that disbanded in 2021. As part of their advocacy, they now inform minor children that they “deserve a family who. . …. Supports your gender identity and expression …Supports your inherent sexuality …Helps you make connections with other LGBTQ+ youth . . . ” and will use the rule of law to gather reports of “neglect” by their unsupportive parents.

From the official Connecticut State Department of Children and Families LGBTQIA+ Resources page.

Where is the legislative mandate for a judgement of “neglect” or worse, if a parent is perceived as non-affirming or unsupportive of LGBTQ+ ideology? The State of Connecticut Department of Children and Families has taken sides on this issue through their “Safe Harbor” program for youth and they are not alone. The Connecticut State Department of Education, Connecticut Association of Boards of Education, Connecticut State Board of Education, State of Connecticut Attorney General‘s Office and more have set themselves against families that have a scientific view of human sexuality.

A quick review of the Safe Harbor Project official state website reveals a hodgepodge of activist materials aimed at “helping” children identify what LGBTQ+ identity they may have and discern whether they have sufficiently supportive parents – or else.

Is your child gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgender (creepy or what I am not sure these brochures are helping their cause)? Each pamphlet is produced by biased advocacy organizations to make sure your child knows. One brochure, by Advocates For Youth, recommends in their “BROCHURE FOR YOUNG PEOPLE” that they search “gay bars” for more information. Is there any point where our state agencies think “hmmm, too much”? Is seems there isn’t.

The State of Connecticut also links, remarkably, to the SOC8 by WPATH, an advocacy organization that promotes “transgender care” that includes surgery to create both male and female sex organs on one person, at the same time, for the bi-sexual. Is this an appropriate form of advocacy for our state agency that oversees children and families?

Unable to restrain themselves, they also link to information on how much a transgender surgery may cost – and it is unsurprisingly very expensive. This is an unwise and inappropriate use of state resources.

Originally published 9/28/2023