Rev. Abraham Hernandez

Rev. Abraham Hernández is a life-long resident of the state of Connecticut. He is a graduate from Southern Connecticut State University and served as the General Manager of Radio Amor 690 am (the only Hispanic-owned Religious Radio station in the state of Connecticut) from 1995 to 2015. In the twenty years, Rev. Hernández effectively guided Radio Amor’s programming transition from an exclusively ecclesiastical one to one that blends the Kingdom’s message with the social needs of the community at large, converting it into one of the most listened Hispanic stations in southern New England.

He currently serves as Senior pastor of Grace Fellowship Church Español; in East Haven, CT. In the past decade he has heeded the call of becoming a catalyst in helping revitalize five inactive clergy associations in the state of CT. which had been dormant for years and are now fully functional and currently impacting their respective communities.

Pastor Abraham has been in the forefront of a number of Social Justice Movements for over a decade and a half; from serving as a Co-Chair of the Interfaith Fellowship for Universal Health Care Reform in CT. to fighting Lending Institution’s red taping of minorities, advocating for CT’s version of the Dream Act, advocating for law which granted drivers licenses to immigrants in the state of CT. and most recently cofounded Faith & Education CT which is focused on raising education standards and equity and closing the educational achievement gap, among other efforts.

Rev. Hernández is a member of the Executive Board of the NHCLC and is currently serving as its National Chapter Director. In these past 5 years, with the Lord’s grace and favor, he has been instrumental and a catalyst in helping to form Chapters in 23 states where the churches have activated its prophetic voice beyond its four walls. Since the mid-1990s he has demonstrated a strong commitment to motivating and inspiring believers to pursue opportunities in public service and living out Matthew 25.

Rev. Abraham Hernández is considered by many fellow clergy in New England as a vital member of a generation of up and coming clergy body that is transforming the Hispanic Faith Base community’s unprecedented and unadulterated Biblical and social justice movement. There is a fire that kindles within Pastor Abraham which has emboldened him and has stirred a fervent passion to see that the Hispanic evangelical church rises and takes its rightful place as the moral and prophetic voice for those who have none and strongly believes in speaking truth to power.

Pastor Hernández is happily married to his soul mate, Raquel Rodríguez Hernández for 22 years.