The vision of the Family Institute of Connecticut is to see citizens, institutions and government acknowledge and encourage the vital role of the family and to once again see the Judeo-Christian principles that are articulated in the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution re-employed in our society and it’s public policy.

Our Vision
In response to the need for a cultural and moral renewal, our vision foresees:

  • A restored consensus that the family consists of people related by marriage, birth or adoption, and which recognizes the vital role of both mother and father in nurturing and supporting children
  • A community committed to racial reconciliation and compassion for all families, especially single-parent and needy families;
  • A society committed to helping family, church, synagogue and community meet the needs of its members without undue dependence upon government
  • A culture that recognizes the indisputable link between the sanctity of life at every stage and the dignity of every person
  • A government that weighs the impact on the family of its policies and laws. Linked to this vision we see a need and opportunity for building consensus and progress by focusing upon the broad and unifying goal of strengthening families. We realize that this is not a “quick-fix” effort, but a journey that will require visionary leadership, moral courage, compassion, commitment — and the blessings of Providence.