Contact your Senator today to oppose expanding CT’s Anti-Discrimination law to Minor Attracted Persons (MAP)s.

I’m using the preferred label of “minor attracted persons (MAP)” instead of the medically-accepted term, pedophile, in order to highlight their obvious inclusion as a protected “sexual orientation” in HB6638 (a bill already passed by the Connecticut House and voted favorably by many republicans).

Per section 2 of HB6638, the new definition of “Sexual Orientation”, “means a person’s identity in relation to the gender or genders to which they are romantically, emotionally or sexually attracted, . . . “

There is no age restriction on the person “romantically, emotionally or sexually attracted” to. By definition, “minor attracted persons”, people who are sexually attracted to minors, are included as a protected class of individuals under this bill. It protects the “attraction” not the “behavior” which is addressed by other statutes. The bill broadly shields “attraction” over common sense discretion by employers, parents and state agencies to deny employment or licensure based on a professed sexual attraction to children (though not behavior).

The analysis could stop there, but let’s note that the drafters of the bill also removed from the definition, a provision that “excludes any behavior which constitutes a violation of part VI of chapter 952.” These are Connecticut’s sex crime laws and include sex with minors, including children and babies.

For those who suggest that children are excluded because the bill only relates to “gender or genders” – recall that many schools in Connecticut teach children, or maybe we should say “groom” children, with Gender Unicorn and Genderbread lessons teaching them to identify their gender. So, yes, children DO have gender according to modern gender theory and this bill includes them.

Are you familiar with the concept of “merited impossibility”? It means, it will never happen, and when it does, you bigots will deserve it. We’ve seen this show before. Don’t be fooled by legislative intent or assertions. Contact your Senator today and demand they oppose this expansion that will punish YOU for discriminating against pedophiles.

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