At the hands of our state agencies, a cycle of transgender madness is pursued against children and their families in Connecticut.

Attorney General Tong and his war against a Connecticut mom.

The 2024 legislative session began on February 7 with what the Hartford Courant called a “meandering” speech by Gov. Lamont that “largely glossed over several problems plaguing the state.”

But the “glossing over” began two days earlier, when Attorney General William Tong gave a strange interview to WDRC radio host Gary Byron.

Gary challenged AG Tong over Tong’s legal brief saying schools should be able to secretly transition students from one gender identity to another without parental knowledge or approval. The charge was “totally inaccurate,” Tong claimed. But Tong himself misrepresented the charge, falsely claiming that we were conflating medical intervention with mere discussion.

Our point was that the one can lead to the other. In fact, social transitions from one sex to another (changing names and pronouns, wearing clothes of the opposite sex, using tuckers and binders, etc.) is itself a psycho-social treatment. So AG Tong is on record as supporting the process to send kids down that road…and to hide it.

Worse, Tong admits our central claim against him. After hemming and hawing about “inaccuracies,” he goes on to say of children struggling with gender identity that teachers should not “rat them out” to their parents. Those are his exact words.

AG Tong’s position is that there should be “no blanket rule” that teachers must tell parents when their children are struggling with gender identity because a small number of children come from homes where they may be harmed. But there are already robust laws to protect children against such abuse. 

The school that AG Tong is siding with in his legal brief used one set of pronouns with the student, and another with the parents. That was active deception and implementation of a psycho-social treatment program for which schools and teachers are not licensed. They hid it from the child’s mother for months. It was not an offhanded remark between teacher and student.

Tong’s legal brief prioritizes the transient student/teacher relationship over the long-term, legal and social obligations of parents. Children are put in danger when secrets are kept by other adults and school administrators as official policy.

In his legal brief and his radio interview, Tong stresses that keeping serious secrets from parents is good. The state is, in effect, creating a “New Closet” where students stay in to deceive only their parents, with the help of adults. This is ripe for sexual abuse and predators.

FIC Action and our allies are fighting for a parental right-to-know law that will put a stop to this. Please check out the website devoted to this one issue. Please also check out our own website regularly, where we will be providing more updates on this and related matters than can be done in email alerts. 

Tampon dispensers in the boys’ rooms of Connecticut schools is just the tip of the iceberg in this reality-denying madness. The things that are not making the news, the things that FIC Action and our allies are working on, is where your help is needed the most.

The CT Department of Education has an agenda.

The Connecticut Department of Education has recommended that children in Grade 3 be told how they can explore their “gender”. This can be done, in part, by wearing clothes and adopting the mannerisms of the opposite sex – if they are “brave” enough. Many children accept the invitation to experiment with their gender.  Once they start, at least twenty-seven school districts in Connecticut have official policies to encourage the experimentation and then deception by students and staff. The schools facilitate, hide and defy parents when their child begins a social gender transition, thus cementing their new identity with new pronouns and providing access to clothing, binders, tuckers and more in school.  

Why would schools hide this gender transition? Because at least one study shows that if a social gender transition takes hold, 5 years later 94% of those children are still trapped in their new identity. Few turn back because they have already forced all of their friends and teachers to accept their new gender and by this point, have procured puberty-blocking inhibitors that stymie rational thinking and brain development.  Your child’s normal mental and physical development will be stunted with permanent ramifications in the name of “acceptance”.

If you disagree with “affirmation” the Department of Children and Families is ready to intervene.

Gender transition is started and reinforced against your will and at the peril of your children. Do you dare object? Because another state agency, the Connecticut Department of Children and Families is ready to begin the process of removing children from “unsupportive” homes by creating a record and intervening if necessary. It has a Hotline for your child to call if you refuse to affirm their new gender identity.  Children removed and placed in the custody of the State of Connecticut are enrolled in HUSKY and then things get worse.

Paid for by the Department of Social Services through HUSKY.

We now have evidence gathered by the Family Institute of Connecticut, that the Department of Social Services has paid doctors at Hartford Hospital to perform genital mutilation on children to treat gender dysphoria.  The State has completely removed the healthy breasts of girls as young as 15 years old in a draconian attempt to relieve their gender dysphoria.  Likely performed with at least one guardian’s consent, it is the rare parent who can defy the state or doctors when they’ve been falsely told to “accept a transgender son or end up with a dead daughter.” A recent New York Times article draws attention to the parade of horribles happening to our children being pushed into psycho-social, chemical and then surgical sex transitions. In the state of Connecticut it is being pushed, facilitated, paid for and enforced by our own state agencies.

Joined by Planned Parenthood, of course.

Never far from any opportunity to make money, Planned Parenthood has become one of the leading providers of transgender drugs.  They are regularly invited into your children’s school to facilitate discussions on becoming transgender and interfering with family bonds and relationships.  

Connecticut Children Need to be Protected.

There are many things you can do immediately, such as ban your child from accessing the school health center, send a letter to the Superintendent of your local school asking to be notified if your child begins a gender transition, ask to view their school records and “opt out” of all school surveys.  Is your local Board of Education adopting a transgender policy?  Ask them to show where this is mandated by the State, because it isn’t and they can’t.  Don’t permit your children to participate in any “ally” group and for Heaven’s Sake, don’t send them to the local abortion-worshiping, Satan Club after school.

Contact your legislators today.

If you have been following Family Institute of Connecticut Action, you know that we have been laying the foundation for Let Kids Be Kids bills in Spring, 2024.  Our website provides all the latest bill language, topical points, information and zoom sessions to keep you up to date.  What we need everyone to do today is contact their legislators. We also need you to ask your pastor to sponsor a visit from Family Institute of Connecticut.  Leslie Wolfgang, our Director of Public Policy can facilitate this visit by contacting her at Our trained speakers can inform your parish or church about the latest news from the State Capitol.  Share this alert with others and please contact your legislators today using our Action Center.