Check out these organizations to protect your children's schools.

On Tuesday, July 2, a 10th Circuit Federal Judge blocked enforcement of Biden’s new Title IX regulations for “any school attended by a minor child of a member of Moms For Liberty” including applicable Connecticut schools. This is big news. You can protect your child’s school from revised Title IX regulations. Just join Moms for Liberty before July 15!

Your child can also protect their college by joining Young Americans for Freedom. Learn more about sharing this link with your college contacts.

Moms for Liberty is easy to join – protect your local school today by becoming a member and be included on their list for the judge before July 15. With other federal courts weighing in on the issue, there may be more injunctions. Young Americans for Freedom is similarly easy to join. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Connecticut is a hotspot for cheating girls out of athletic achievements, scholarship opportunities, and putting girls safety at risk. Many of our school boards have adopted policies that are beyond what Connecticut law requires or even what federal law mandates. This is especially true in competitive sports – which may be exempt from permitting boys to participate as girls under other proposed federal regulations.

Contact your legislators and tell them “A Girl Deserves to Win” by visiting our coalition website at Also, join us and share with your Board of Education members about our webinar on July 17th at 7pm to learn the latest about Title IX regs and Connecticut.