If we don't teach children about the Devil . . . will someone else?

We here at FIC are having a little fun with this headline, but the truth is that some secular folks are treading where even some pastors refuse go . . . acknowledgment of the Devil. Connecticut “Satanic Temple” adherents will be bringing Satan and his works directly to children on school property. Imagine a fire and brimstone Connecticut pastor trying to start an after school-program informing children about the true works of the devil . . he’d be kicked out and rebuffed. I guess, next time Pastor, offer to present only the “literary figure” of Satan and see how far you can get. For anyone looking for an alternative, folks in Lebanon are providing a “Good News” after-school club.

Much like the real devil, this after school program will provide a veneer of respectability, a kernel of truth, and a lot of fun activities to disguise the real goals. An irony that will be lost on the youth and the ignorant. We just hope these practitioners, acting as advocates of the devil, won’t be permanently harmed or harm others with their folly.

The “Temple” worshipers peevishly deny that they worship anything (besides abortion) or are proselytizing children. If that was true, they should present the Devil O.G. . . from the greatest selling literature ever written . . . the Christian Bible. If they don’t use the Bible to instruct, perhaps they will introduce the “works” of Satan. Will they give the children a glimpse of the chaos and tragedy happening right now in the Middle East? And if that wasn’t enough, maybe a stroll through the horrors and history of the 20th Century would suffice.

Friends, we encourage you to take heart. While many naive parents will welcome and invite Satan into their family with this club, we know that Our God is still faithful and present, especially to children. Through our prayers, we can ask forgiveness for this foolish abomination and pray that somehow, in His Mercy, this evangelization for Satan will ultimately lead these children to think more about God. An introduction they might not otherwise receive. God can use anything for His good purposes. As we head into the Christmas Season, let’s keep our eyes on Baby Jesus, who came humbly into the world through a loving family and defeated the Devil with only a newborn’s sigh.