CT bill would fund infertility treatment for gross side effect of "affirmative only" care on kids.

Not to be outdone by last year’s failed attempt to use state funds to hire childbearing surrogates for voluntary eunuchs, this year Planned Parenthood was joined by other groups to prioritize a bill to fund infertility treatments for everyone, including people who don’t have sex. Even those who are “infertile” because they don’t engage in reproductive sex or because they voluntarily removed their reproductive anatomy would be provided fertility treatments in the name of “equity” with this bill.

With no limit on the type of treatment, even future “uterine transplants” for men or babies for women who “age out” due to life choices could be funded by the State and mandated for private insurers. Most Connecticut people would not put much effort into dissuading an adult from making their adult choices . . . but to subsidize fertility treatments for people who chose not to bear children when they could is too much to ask.

But wait, there is more. With HB5378, Connecticut would not only be funding the cause of infertility, it would then pay or cause others to pay to remediate it. “Affirmative only” care causes infertility for children and rather than reconsider the wisdom of “affirmative only” care, these organizations want tax payers and private insurers to pay for necessitated infertility treatment. Again, tax payers are already paying to cause infertility in otherwise healthy children, and if this bill passes, they’ll be expected to pay to fix it. 🤪

These are Connecticut children who are being robbed of their future fertility by discredited procedures for “affirmative only” treatment funded by state tax dollars. Connecticut has been and continues to pay for procedures that are being abandoned across the globe (reprinted in the Hartford Courant on 4/21/24). What is Connecticut doing to our children and what is going to become of them?

In anticipation of future lawsuits, General Assembly leadership stuffed a provision protecting gender doctors into a 2022 budget implementer with no public hearing. So now, some plaintiffs whose claims relate to affirmative only care must now jump through extra legal hoops to pursue justice in Connecticut. Time and again, Connecticut legislators choose gender ideology over the health and welfare of Connecticut children.

Legislators like Representative Doug Dubitsky and the doctors at WPATH understand that children have little understanding of what it means to lose their future fertility.

What is next? HB 5378 was heard in the Insurance and Real Estate Committee on March 1 and all of the state’s most radical organizations testified including the Office of the Attorney General, Reproductive Equity Now, Planned Parenthood, Connecticut Women’s and Legal Education Fund, Office of Health Care Advocate and others, except NARAL (oh, wait). While the bill did not make it out of Committee, until the end of session anything is possible for Connecticut’s most powerful and well-heeled activist groups and their very large and supportive caucus.

There are several bills we need you to contact your legislators about this session. The session ends May 8 and we expect these bad bills to be brought forward very soon. Please contact your legislators using our action center today.