A Shocking Display at the State Capitol

You wouldn’t think there’s much that could embarrass Connecticut U.S. Senator Dick Blumenthal. He was, after all, emceeing a press conference against protecting unborn children from abortion at 20 weeks, the point at which science shows that unborn children can feel pain. Who could embarrass a man who proudly defends such cruelty?

His own pro-abortion allies, that’s who.

In a shocking display at the state Capitol Monday, members of the pro-abortion lobby NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut responded to some mildly tough questioning from Waterbury Republican-American reporter Paul Hughes by repeatedly shouting down the reporter. 

See the tail end of their obnoxious behavior here.

Even Sen. Blumenthal was taken aback by the conduct of his own allies. To pro-abortionists, merely playing devil’s advocate, as the reporter was doing, is somehow viewed as an outrage. The purpose of a press conference, they seem to think, is for the press to dutifully pass along their propaganda.

And that is exactly what it was. No Senator from a red state was going to change his vote to stop late-term abortions because of a press conference in Hartford, CT. The failure of that bill to overcome a filibuster was preordained.

Nevertheless, Family Institute of Connecticut was there to put the truth to their lies: The bill outlawing abortions at 20 weeks should have passed because unborn children feel pain at that point. Despite claims to the contrary, anesthesia is routine in fetal surgery at that age for precisely that reason.

FIC was quoted saying so on WTIC 1080 AM, in CT News Junkie and CT Mirror. And our new director of communications, Christina Marie Bennett, was interviewed by Channel 8:

You will be hearing more about Christina and how FIC will be increasing our efforts to defend the sanctity of life in Connecticut soon.