Legislature Goes Full Court Press on Anti-Family Bills

There are an enormous crush of emergencies happening all at once at the state Capitol. Here is a quick rundown.

Repealing Religious Liberty Exemptions for Vaccines.

This bill will have a public hearing tomorrow, Feb. 19th in Room 2E at 10:30 am. Sign-up is at 8:00 am in the atrium of the Legislative Office Building. Send testimony to phtestimony@cga.ct.gov. TEACH has talking points here. FIC Action’s statements are here, here and here. Peter Wolfgang’s article is here. Watch for a future action alert on just this issue.

Assisted Suicide Bill and Anti-Pregnancy Center Bill: Both bills were raised for public hearings last week. It is quite something when even The Hartford Courant, CT Mirror, and CT News Junkie are all united in asking themselves what in the world the Committee was thinking. FIC Action will work with our allies to try to defeat these bills again. Watch for more information on the upcoming hearing(s).

Gov. Lamont Wants State Taxpayers to Give Planned Parenthood an Extra $2.4 Million. From Breitbart: However, Peter Wolfgang, executive director of Family Institute of Connecticut, emphasized in a statement to Breitbart News that Planned Parenthood “voluntarily chose to give up federal funds rather than give up abortion. It proves again that abortion is what they are really all about,” he added. “Connecticut taxpayers should not have to pay extra for Planned Parenthood’s love affair with death. We will oppose giving state taxpayers’ money to the abortion giant.” More to follow.

FIC Action’s Website and Inboxes: We are happy to report they are back up. However, if you emailed us during the weekend of Feb. 8th-9th, those messages are still missing. We hope to have the system fully restored soon.

CT March for Life: This event is now less than two months away. As you can see from the other items in this email alert, the April 15th March comes at a crucial time. Please be there and encourage every pro-lifer you know to do likewise. Share our video. Sign up now.

More: There are efforts to create a hate crimes task force focused just on what Senate Democrats call “right wing extremism.” We here at FIC Action are quite familiar with how that works. And there are bills to legalize recreational marijuana and expand gambling. We will oppose all of it. We even have a few positive bills we are supporting. Watch for more information. And please donate here to FIC Action. Between the flu, our website and emails crashing, and the avalanche of anti-family legislation at the Capitol, this has been especially intense February. We appreciate your support. See you tomorrow!