An exciting controversy has broken out in the media over tonight’s rally. Read about it here.

There is no way tonight’s pro-life rally would have made the front page of the Connecticut section unless there was a counter-rally. As far as FIC is concerned, two rallies are better than one.

Of course, religious conservatives and disability rights progressives both strongly oppose assisted suicide for their own reasons. Connecticut legislators have a variety to choose from and should continue to oppose assisted suicide during this legislative session after listening to the diverse opposition.

That is, if legislators even know about the diverse opposition. Assisted Suicide opponents were shocked by the Joint Favorable Report that just came out on the assisted suicide bill.No disability advocates are mentioned as opponents of the bill.  According to this official report, there is no disability-rights opposition to HB 6425. This is really biased work by the legislative staff.

This fits with what we are hearing from legislators, a false narrative that there is no longer disability opposition to assisted suicide. In fact, during the 15-hour hearing, many disability activists testified against the assisted suicide bill.  There appears to be a planned scheme by pro-assisted suicide forces to keep the disability voice out of this year’s debate.

All the more reason, then, why two separate rallies, both in opposition to assisted suicide, are a good thing. Further, FIC calls on the media to give the same attention to the biased JF Report that it gave to today’s story. Why are the legislative staff trying to hide disability opposition to assisted suicide from the full legislature?These questions and more will be discussed by FIC’s Peter Wolfgang and other speakers tonight. Peter will also be on the radio on WICC-AM 600 at 4 pm today. Those outside the broadcast area can listen here.Once again, the Rally will be at 6:30 pm TONIGHT. The Rally details are here.Parking will be available in the garage of the Legislative Office Building. 

See you tonight!