We get many calls from people wondering what the status is on proposed legislation at the CT State Capitol. To help keep you updated on the latest, check out this list . . .

PENDING: SJR42, the “Abortion Constitution Amendment Resolution” is ready to be voted on. View Peter Wolfgang’s testimony and contact your legislator to oppose this resolution.

WIN: SB1, An Act Concerning Transparency in Education is active, but the most offensive provision which we testified “against” has been removed.

WIN: SB9, a bill to target pro-lifers a/k/a An Act Concerning Health and Wellness for Connecticut Residents has been modified to remove offensive provisions. We are watching it carefully and you can read Peter Wolfgang’s testimony here.

WIN: SB32, An Act Prohibiting Tax Exempt Status for Hate Groups, failed to garner enough support for a public hearing. Read our blog post on this bill HERE.

WIN: SB897, An Act Concerning a Patient’s Directions Regarding Life Support Systems, did not make it out of Committee so it is likely “dead” for the rest of the session. View Peter Wolfgang’s testimony here.

WIN: SB1076, the Assisted Suicide Bill died in the Judiciary Committee. View Peter Wolfgang’s testimony here.

PENDING: SB1117, An Act Implementing Additional Measures to Prevent Trafficking in Persons and Expanding the Composition of the Trafficking in Persons Council. View Peter Wolfgang’s supportive testimony here.

URGENT: SB1166, the “Punish Christian Students & Parents Bill”, An Act Concerning Implementation of the Connecticut School Climate Policy is ready for a vote. View Peter Wolfgang’s testimony against this bill. We need you and everyone you know to contact your legislators and the Governor to oppose this bill.

WIN: HB6396, the Connecticut Groomers Bill would have shielded the content of objectionable materials shared with children in school from parent disclosure.

PENDING: HB6410, an anti-free speech bill a/k/a An Act Establishing a Working Group Concerning Safe Online Practices is ready to be voted on. You can view Peter Wolfgang’s testimony here. There is strong opposition to this bill in the parental rights community in Connecticut including a petition.

ON WATCH: HB6618, An Act Concerning Medical Assistance for Certain Persons Receiving Abortion Care and Related Services in Connecticut an “Abortion Tourism Bill” died in Committee and was removed from the Governor’s budget bill, but we are watching it carefully to see if it is inserted into an “implementer.” View Peter Wolfgang’s testimony here and contact your state legislator today.

WIN: HB6818, An Act Concerning Patient Access to Reproductive Health Care, an “Anti-Religious Liberty Bill” died in Committee. View Peter Wolfgang’s testimony here.

Passed House, on way to the Senate: HB6820, the “Protect Outlaw Abortionists Bill” is ready to go to the House for debate and vote. View Peter Wolfgang’s testimony here.