Arguments about the medical and physical benefits–or detriments–of vaccinating children are beyond the expertise of Family Institute of Connecticut Action. However, when we see an unpopular group being targeted in a way that may eventually harm us all, we are reminded of Martin Niemöller’s famous poem.

Given other recent activity by state legislators who seem motivated more by politics than medicine, from repeated attempts to legalize assisted suicide to assaults on the free speech of pro-life pregnancy centers, it’s troubling to see them now attacking the conscience rights of a small number of parents who object to vaccines on religious grounds. It begs the question of whether in two years they will be advocating for mandated HPV vaccinations for 12 year-old home-schoolers and in five years declaring that cross-gender hormones for 8 year-olds are “medically necessary,” despite parental or religious objections.

The same forces that are targeting the religious liberty and parental rights of the “anti-vaxxers” will come for the religious liberty and parental rights of our own families someday. If we don’t speak out for them now, when they come for our families there may be no one left to speak for us. 

There will be an informational forum on this issue at the legislature this Monday, May 13th. These forums usually have invited speakers. It is not a public hearing and there is no bill to vote on. The only bill active has to do with school nurses signing the form. But we believe their plan is to amend that bill on the floor, removing the religious liberty exemption altogether, if they have the votes.

FIC Action encourages our members to join with those of other parental rights groups in testifying against any removal of the religious exemption, if the informational hearing allows it. Our friends at TEACH CT have all the details here.

If they do not allow you to testify, be there anyway. Be a presence. Politely tell those legislators, as they walk around the building, that you want religious liberty protected, not attacked.

Even if you are not an anti-vaxxer–and most of us are not–it is really the rights of all of us that are being targeted here. We must speak out now, while we still can.