Thank you to our members and allies!

Family Institute of Connecticut is proud to report that opponents of assisted suicide were the vast majority of people testifying and present at the hearing on H.B.7015 . . by a margin of 3:1!  It might be true what a spokesperson for the assisted suicide lobby said in January . . . “It appears that the electorate doesn’t care that much about it, no matter what the polling says.” 

Oh, we do care . . .

WTNH poll shows CT people oppose assisted suicide.

WTNH poll shows CT people oppose assisted suicide.

We have tabulated the number of written testimonies from the public record against H.B. 7015. The testimony against the bill far exceed testimony submitted in favor: 257 opposed vs. 189 in favor.  Testimony included people with disabilities like Cathy Ludlum and Stephen Mendelsohn, moms like Maggie Karner (who is diagnosed with brain cancer) and Priscilla McCaffrey, organizations such as the The Connecticut Medical Society, Center for Hospice Care, Connecticut Nurse Association, State of Connecticut Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities, of course Family Institute of Connecticut and many, many more.

Despite over $425,000 spent by an out-of-state organization into a 3rd year of agitating for assisted suicide, the people of Connecticut have spoken very clearly and in vast numbers that they oppose assisted suicide as unnecessary and too dangerous.  We need you to continue to contact the members of the Judiciary Committee and your own legislators and urge them to listen to the people, to consider the evidence and reject assisted suicide for a third year in a row. Visit our page on assisted suicide for talking points.  Please also come to our Lobby Day on March 24th!


An ocean of blue stickers against assisted suicide at the March 18, 2015 public hearing including Maggie Karner (white jacket in front). Maggie, a CT mom with brain cancer, opposes assisted suicide because an “option to die” will become a “duty to die”.


People came from all over CT to hearing room 2c and 2 more “overflow” rooms at the Legislative Office Building. The vast majority oppose assisted suicide (with the blue stickers).


Steven Mikochik, federal attorney and blind man testifies on behalf of the Family Institute of Connecticut against assisted suicide.

Steven Mikochik, law professor, former federal attorney for Civil Rights Division of Dept. of Justice and blind man testifies on behalf of the Family Institute of Connecticut against assisted suicide.,%20Stephen%20L.%20-%20Family%20Institute%20of%20Connecticut-TMY.PDF