Now is the time to let the members of the Judiciary Committee know our concerns about assisted suicide.

We have an active campaign with links to send each legislator a personalized e-mail:  Click on each legislator and send your friendly note asking them to vote IN OPPOSITION TO ASSISTED SUICIDE. It is critical that we contact these important legislators this month.  Use the links at the action center to share with all of your friends and acquaintances who also oppose assisted suicide.

The good news is there are many reasons to oppose assisted suicide.  Our letters to legislators will never be dull! Please take a moment to visit our “assisted suicide” section of this website to learn more about why our legislators should continue to oppose it.  Thank you!

SPECIAL REQUEST: Find you legislator by clicking here.  Are they one of these legislators on the Judiciary Committee?  If so, your legislator wants to hear from you on the day of the public hearing.  Please contact us at if you would be willing to meet briefly with your legislator the day of the public hearing.  This is a vital effort for opposing assisted suicide.  Thank you!

Position  District  Name / Email   Party 
Co-Chair 2 Coleman, Eric D. D
Vice Chair 9 Doyle, Paul R. D
Ranking Member 7 Kissel, John A. R
Member 26 Boucher, Toni  R
Member 5 Bye, Beth  D
Member 29 Flexer, Mae  D
Member 6 Gerratana, Terry B. D
Member 33 Linares, Art  R
Member 24 McLachlan, Michael A. R
Member 10 Winfield, Gary A. D
House Members
Position District  Name / Email   Party 
Co-Chair 147 Tong, William  D
Vice Chair 148 Fox, Daniel J. D
Ranking Member 70 Rebimbas, Rosa C. R
Member 103 Adinolfi, Al  R
Member 14 Aman, William  R
Member 4 Arce, Angel  D
Member 15 Baram, David A. D
Member 73 Berger, Jeffrey J. D
Member 67 Buck-Taylor, Cecilia  R
Member 86 Candelora, Vincent J. R
Member 32 Carpino, Christie M. R
Member 11 Currey, Jeffrey A. D
Member 92 Dillon, Patricia A. D
Member 47 Dubitsky, Doug  R
Member 90 Fritz, Mary G. D
Member 110 Godfrey, Bob  D
Member 3 Gonzalez, Minnie  D
Member 39 Hewett, Ernest  D
Member 131 Labriola, David K. R
Member 96 Lemar, Roland J. D
Member 122 McGorty, Ben  R
Member 140 Morris, Bruce V. D
Member 125 O Dea, Tom  R
Member 69 O Neill, Arthur J. R
Member 94 Porter, Robyn A. D
Member 46 Riley, Emmett D. D
Member 80 Sampson, Robert C. R
Member 33 Serra, Joseph C. D
Member 135 Shaban, John T. R
Member 144 Simmons, Caroline  D
Member 108 Smith, Richard A. R
Member 20 Verrengia, Joe  D
Member 93 Walker, Toni E. D