Local news outlets ignore people-with-disabilities in coverage.

A bi-partisan group of senators from the State of Connecticut Judiciary Committee voted on Monday, April 11 to defeat this year’s assisted suicide bill. The bill was a stripped down version of previous years’ bills in an attempt to remove any objections to passage. Legislators saw through this camel-nose-under-the-tent attempt to pass assisted suicide in our state and the bill failed in the most spectacular way that any assisted-suicide bill has ever failed in Connecticut. Traditionally, assisted suicide has been quietly withdrawn by the well-funded, out-of-state organization that pushes it each year when looks like it will fail – to save face. This year however, an actual vote was taken in the Judiciary Committee and the advocates of assisted suicide lost. This is great news for Connecticut and we appreciate all of our allies and members and legislators who worked hard and smart to defeat this bill.

Speaking of news. Below we will share links to news articles about this year’s assisted suicide bill, SB88, and give commentary on whether they only quote the professional, out-of-state advocates in their news story or also the local people-with-disabilities. These are grass-roots, Connecticut organizations who don’t have multi-million dollar national organizations funding their efforts. They are regular citizens with disabilities who lobby legislators, sometimes at great personal expense. They deserve to be included in every news story. Please pray for them and do continue to contact your legislators in appreciation for their consideration of our views against assisted suicide, but also a reminder we strongly oppose 3 abortion bills before the legislature this year. You can find more information in our Action Center.

4/12/2022: Reporter Steve Jenson quoted a spokesperson for “Compassion & Choices” but not local opponents from Second Thoughts Connecticut or Progressives Against Medical Assisted Suicide.

4/11/22: Hugh McQuaid from CTNewsJunkie similarly quotes a spokesperson from a national assisted suicide organization, but not local people with disability who oppose the bill.

4/11/22: Susan Haigh of the Associated Press included a spokesperson from a national pro-assisted-suicide organization in her story, but no local advocates against. (Go Representative Fischbein!🙏🏻🙏🏻)