Getting Reacquainted With a Fraught Topic

It has been over a decade since Family Institute of Connecticut Action has lobbied against a bill touching directly on the delicate matter of human sexuality. This year we are lobbying against several. Given that our work against one in particular, HB 6638, is making national headlines, we thought it important to state again some basic principles. And, along the way, to offer a few clarifications.

FIC Action bears no ill will toward any person or class of persons. This is true regardless of whether that person identifies as gay or transgender. All of us are made in the image of God and should have equal rights under the law.

That particular truth is not in conflict with other truths. Marriage is between a man and a woman. “Male and female he created them.” Laws that say otherwise undermine the very legitimacy of law itself.

People who hate us merely because we believe in, and work to protect, these things do us great honor. We accept their scorn.

What we do not accept is the claim that we ourselves are motivated by “hate” simply for believing in, and working to protect, these things. Over the years FIC Action has had employees who were same-sex attracted. We have worked side-by-side with gay activists against assisted suicide. Just last month we joined with adult transexual allies who share our opposition to the promotion of transgenderism in the public schools.

Again, we hate no one. And we stand with members of those communities of whom we are accused of hating whenever we share the same goals.

Which brings us to HB 6638. It is a bill that is said to “modernize” Connecticut’s anti-discrimination law by removing antiquated language. FIC Action has noticed, however, that the vague language of HB 6638 leaves open the possibility that it may also outlaw discrimination against pedophiles.

Our taking notice of this has caused much confusion and consternation at the state Capitol, even among friends. Are we accusing them of something? Has FIC Action gone Q-Anon on them?

No and no. Let’s break it down. Again.

We are not accusing anyone of legalizing sex crimes against children. We know the bill does not do that.

But the bill does outlaw discrimination based on attraction to gender. Even children have “gender,” as these things are now defined. So if the bill becomes law in its present form, a court or administrative agency could determine that it is now illegal for a daycare center to refuse to hire a professed pedophile, that is, someone who has not acted on his attraction to children but openly professes it.

To those who say it is a crazy prediction, we quote Rod Dreher’s Law of Merited Impossibility: “It will never happen. And when it does, you bigots will deserve it.” We have seen Dreher’s Law come true over and over again throughout the first quarter of the 21st century. If you think it can’t come true on this, you have not been paying attention.

But where does this leave, for instance, our friends in the House of Representatives who already voted in favor of HB 6638? Because FIC Action has sounded the alarm on this bill, they are now being pummeled by constituents accusing them of voting to protect pedophiles. Is that fair to them?

No, it is not fair to them. The truth is, FIC Action did not catch the darker possibilities of this bill ourselves until after it had already passed the House. We never lobbied the state representatives to oppose the bill. It is, therefore, wrong to hold them responsible for what everyone missed.

The Senate is a different matter entirely. If they vote to approve HB 6638 in its current form, they will do so in full knowledge of the dangers both FIC Action and the Connecticut Catholic Conference have now explained to them. But must they?

Thanks to everyone who contacted their legislators, we think that may not happen. Based on feedback we are getting from legislators at the Capitol, it is possible that an amendment may clear up the ambiguity in the bill and secure employers’ and parents’ rights to protect children against mingling with professed Minor Attracted Persons (or MAPs, as pedophiles prefer to be known). To that end, are working closely with legislators to make the agreed upon measures.

We should note here the importance of our allies, both locally and nationally, in this new possibility regarding HB 6638. Since, here at FIC Action, we only became aware of the bill’s danger after it passed the House, it was never our expectation that they would amend, reject, or otherwise comment on the bill. But that may now happen.

For our responses to the dubious “fact checkers” on this matter, see here and here. We thank our allies, who must deal with these Orwellian accusations all the time.

For our part, we ask our members to continue to work and pray. There may yet be a just solution to this matter that will satisfy all parties. And if not, well, we will let you know about that too.