This Thursday, November 1st, I’m speaking to UCONN’s newly formed pro-life student group. My talk is entitled, ‘Scheduled to be Aborted: My Fight for Human Rights’. I’m looking forward to meeting the brave group of young people who started, “UCONN Students for Life”. Over the years I’ve talked to hundreds of pro-life students from across the country. I know it takes great passion and courage to start a pro-life group at a middle, high school or college. I’m especially impressed with courageous students who start pro-life groups in New England, where very liberal abortion laws exist. Connecticut doesn’t even require teenagers to notify their parents when seeking a medical or surgical abortion. Children under 18 need their parent’s permission to get a tattoo, have their ears pierced and even go tanning. Yet, even with common sense safety laws like those, abortion is allowed without parental notification for minors. In a state like ours, it’s easy for pro-life students to want to hide their beliefs in fear of being ridiculed by teachers and fellow students, but the UCONN pro-life students won’t cave to fear.

Earlier this year a UCONN student Michelle Reinert posted on Facebook that she was looking for students interested in starting a pro-life club. That post was picked up by a UCONN online site which said her post sparked controversy. One student accused the club of shaming women while another student said if the club starts a pro-choice club needs to form as well. In spite of the negative opinions of some, Michelle carried forth her plan. She connected with other pro-life students, and they started a group. An online UCONN connection page gives this description of the group: 

“UConn Students for Life (USL) is a non-partisan, non-sectarian public service organization which seeks to spread awareness for the dignity of all human life, from conception until natural death. USL is a pro-life organization that hopes to redefine this term to encompass all life, specifically caring for those who cannot advocate for themselves, speaking against abortion, euthanasia and other important life issues. This all-life club is devoted to sharing the truth about the rights of every human – regardless of race, developmental stage, socioeconomic status, or special need. Through a variety of trainings, lectures, and volunteering opportunities, USL hopes to create a loving pro-life community, focusing on the rights of pregnant women and the preborn, as well as children and mothers.”

Since the group started the leaders created social media accounts, held on campus meetings, distributed pro-life stickers and resources, volunteered with pregnancy centers and attended a pro-life student conference at Yale University. The UCONN Students for Life group is growing, and I can’t wait to see what they accomplish on their campus!