We have a quickly developing situation at the legislature, as often happens, especially during this germinal stage when bills are being proposed and there are deadlines to meet.

Education watchdogs on both the left and the right have identified a provision in an innocuous-sounding bill that has them alarmed. State Senator Joe Markley has called attention to it on Facebook, as has Jonathan Pelto on his blog. According to retired school psychologist John Bestor, writing in CT Viewpoints, the essence of the problem is this:

Less than a year ago, Education Commissioner Dianna Wentzell testified in favor of a bill which provided flexibility for MBR (Minimum Budget Requirements). Now, if more than 5 percent of parents refuse to have their children take the state SBAC test, SB 175 would take away that flexibility and the control that local boards of education have over their budgets. 

The bill will receive a hearing tomorrow in the Education Committee.

We anticipate a press release from our friends at CT Parental Rights Coalition; this post will be updated when it is available.