What CT entities are the targets of bill against "Conversion Therapy"?

From 3/7/2017 e-mail blast . . . Powerful LGBT Lobby Holds Public Hearing to Outlaw Non-Existent Practice in CT

There was no juvenile trash talking of FIC this time, no amateurish interruptions of the media’s interviews with Peter Wolfgang. This is not surprising. The gay lobby was always the most sophisticated of our foes.

The March 6, 2017, press conference, too, was what was expected. Heart-rending stories and stats but not a shred of evidence that conversion therapy even exists in Connecticut.

FIC Action’s emails on this point were mentioned by reporters during the Q and A and one of the gay activists responded by claiming that there are five religious organizations in CT that do conversion therapy and that the bill would affect the licensed professionals working with them. She provided no evidence for her claims and did not name a single ministry or licensed professional.

Family Institute of Connecticut Action challenges the proponents of the incredibly vague bill getting a public hearing today to name the religious ministries in Connecticut that do conversion therapy, name the licensed professionals in Connecticut that supposedly practice conversion therapy, that are the targets of this bill. We don’t believe their claims that this exists in Connecticut.

Peter Wolfgang told the press yesterday that the bill was a solution in search of a problem, that we had not been able to identify a single program in CT that would be outlawed by the bill. What’s wrong with being preventative, with outlawing something before it comes here, the press asked. Peter pointed to the thousands of bills that get proposed every year but never get a public hearing. Why give a public hearing to outlaw something in CT that doesn’t exist in CT, he asked. Peter said that this bill was really just a powerful lobby flexing its muscles.

Peter also noted the fact that we’re having a public hearing on legalizing recreational marijuana on Tuesday and expansion of casino gambling on Thursday. “It’s Vice Week at the state Capitol,” he said. “The people of Connecticut don’t need a lobbyist to protect them from their state government. They need a vice squad.”

The press steered Peter back to his point about the LGBT lobby’s strength and asked him to elaborate. Observers tell us the press seemed to shut off their cameras, put down their notebooks and walk away when they heard his answer.

Peter told them the conversion therapy ban was of a piece with Harold Sparrow withdrawing his appointment to the Hartford Board of Education over his having once led a ministers’ group opposed to same-sex marriage (even though he disavowed the group’s position), with Chik-Fil-A suffering a protest when they opened their West Hartford store (even though they reached out to the city’s gay power brokers ahead of time and supported their liberal politics) and with Gov. Malloy reasserting transgenderism in CT’s public schools (even though Trump rescinding Obama’s order had no effect on CT).

As with these other recent episodes, Peter said, this is CT’s powerful LGBT lobby flexing its muscles and reminding everyone who’s in charge around here. That is the real reason we are having a public hearing today to ban something in CT that does not exist in CT.

FIC Action will monitor this and fight anti-family attacks that are happening at our state Capitol on several other issues. But we need your help.

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