There is still time to register for the Great Awakening IV conference, which is taking place June 20-22 at Memorial Hall in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The title recalls previous “Great Awakenings” of Christian faith in American history. From the informational brochure:

At this conference an excellent selection of nationally recognized speakers will address the reasons for the present trend and circumstances of our nation and society in church, in business, in education and government. Even more, this conference will present the assured remedies for our current conditions and inspire participants to reclaim the faith and restore the predominant spiritual lifestyle of our earliest founding fathers in the Pilgrim and Puritan communities. … GA IV is a Christ centered, non-sectarian movement. We invite all Christians to unite in our common belief that Jesus Christ is America’s last bastion of hope.

Among the lineup of speakers is Fr. William Bulkley, a friend of the Family Institute who has been active in the pro-family movement over the years. We expect this to be an informative and inspiring event. For more information, please visit Great Awakening IV’s website.