We love that, of the thousands of people who could have been interviewed at the March for Marriage, ThinkProgress picked a couple from deep-blue Connecticut who spoke up for religious freedom:

Bill and Mary Jo, a couple in their late 50s from Connecticut, told ThinkProgress that such bakers should be free to refuse the same services for a same-sex couple’s “so-called marriage” that they provide for other couples’ weddings.

Calling Bill and Mary Jo! FIC would love to hear more of your story.

The piece, entitled ’29 Revealing Photos From This Weekend’s Anti-Gay [*sigh*] March For Marriage,’ is indeed revealing. Given a headline like that, one expects to find wall-to-wall Westboro Baptists with truly cringe-inducing posters. TP must have been unable to find them. I guess they only found an incredibly diverse crowd — so much that, for all their scoffing and skepticism, even TP could not hide it — mobilized by their love of truth and the natural family.

The Christian Post/Sonny Hong

The Christian Post/Sonny Hong

The whole piece is incredibly comical. Gotta love them, they are trying so hard! Not content to accept NOM’s estimate of 10,000 attendees, they still concede that probably at least 6,000 people were there (not including the nearly 12,000 who joined the Virtual March). The best they can do to downplay significant involvement from the Hispanic community is to opine that “New York City was overrepresented.” Underneath a photo of a delegation from the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property, they make a special point of noting that the group was all-male — while two of their interviewees were women in their 20s, and just a few photos down, fresh-faced ladies outnumbering the men smile out from behind the Franciscan University of Steubenville banner.

Regardless of what the Supreme Court rules, there’s certainly hope when TP can’t even support their own narrative. All signs point to a terrific witness at Saturday’s March.