FIC is pleased to help promote our pro-life ally, CT Right to Life’s annual convention. We encourage all our members to attend, if possible. The following is a message from Bill O’Brien:

Dear Connecticut Pro-lifers –

The 2016 Connecticut Right to Life Corporation’s state convention is just a little more than two weeks away, on Saturday, April 23!

Have you registered yet?

Following are a couple of important developments concerning the convention –

IMPORTANT NOTICE – Due to a fall on Holy Saturday, which resulted in a broken hip, Msgr. David Liptak is not expected to be recuperated enough to attend this year’s convention as one of our featured speakers. Please pray for his speedy and complete recovery!

Because of Msgr. Liptak’s other hospitalizations this past year, we took the precaution of booking four speakers, instead of the usual three, for this year’s convention. Thus, despite Msgr.’s inability to be with us, we still have a full agenda of three outstanding speakers, who are written up in the attached material.

SECOND IMPORTANT NOTICE – In addition to the featured speakers, we are extending an invitation to attend our convention to the three Presidential election contenders who are running as pro-life candidates – Ted Cruz, John Kasich, and Donald Trump.

Since the Connecticut primaries will be held on Tuesday, April 26, three days after the convention, we hope each of the candidates will be able to address our convention and explain to us their views on the pro-life issues.

While there is no guarantee that any of the candidates will accept our invitation, we are hopeful that perhaps at least one may, and we would like to assure that there will be a large audience there to hear them if one or more should attend, along with their national campaign staff, and the local and national media.

Please make your reservations now!

See the attached flyer for speakers and registration information.