Flexer's Wild Accusation Trivializes Real Sexual Assault

State Senator Mae Flexer responded yesterday to FIC’s request that she apologize to Vice President Pence with the usual smoke screens, attacking FIC for supporting the right of a child to not be killed in her mother’s womb and to grow up with her mom and her dad.

Here is the heart of the matter, the lines from our previous message which Sen. Flexer did not quote:

“It is one thing to disagree with whatever practices devout people may undertake to be faithful in marriage. It is another thing entirely to accuse the Vice President of “perpetuating rape culture” for not dining alone with women other than his wife.”

Sen. Flexer’s only substantive argument is that if her male peers at the state Capitol were to adopt the Vice President’s practice she would not be able to meet with them privately to discuss legislation. But it is a giant leap from whatever harm that would supposedly cause her to the claim that refusal to dine alone with women other than one’s wife “perpetuates rape culture.” Even the report Sen. Flexer recommends to FIC members does not back up her claim.

For the record, here is a video posted to Facebook of Sen. Flexer’s comments and here is a transcription of what she actually said:

“… in Connecticut we’ve made such great progress over the last couple of years, but I can’t help but be saddened this morning, to stand here and think about the larger national narrative. When you think about a year ago, we had a Vice President who was at the forefront of these issues, who started the “It’s On Us” campaign and doing everything in his power to try to change the culture and to get all of us to engage on these issues. And now we have a Vice President who perpetuates rape culture, who thinks it’s not safe—men can’t control their urges enough to be alone in the company of women. It’s just staggering to me, it’s astounding, and I … I couldn’t help but not talk about that today.”

The claim by Sen. Flexer that Vice President Pence “perpetuates rape culture” is outrageous. In addition to insulting people of faith, it trivializes real sexual assaults. FIC again calls upon Sen. Flexer to retract it.

And we are again asking our members to contact Sen. Flexer to politely ask her to apologize. You can email her directly at flexer@senatedems.ct.gov