Sen. Flexer Defames the Vice President

We know anti-family activists are angry because they lost ground in the last election. We know they are behaving at the state Capitol in ways we have never seen before.

But this was low, even for them.

At a “kick-off” event for “Sexual Assault Awareness Month” at the Legislative Office Building this morning, Sen. Mae Flexer suddenly went off-script

…and publicly accused Vice President Mike Pence of “perpetuating rape culture!”

You won’t read Sen. Flexer’s statement in the news because there was hardly any press at the press conference. But two of us from Family Institute of Connecticut, and one ally, were right there in the room when she said it.

Sen. Flexer was apparently referring to the recent news item about how Vice President Pence “doesn’t dine alone with women other than his wife.” She even compared Vice President Pence unfavorably to, of all people, former Vice President Biden.

Sen. Flexer’s comments are stunningly ignorant and bigoted against religious people. It is one thing to disagree with whatever practices devout people may undertake to be faithful in marriage. It is another thing entirely to accuse the Vice President of “perpetuating rape culture” for not dining alone with women other than his wife.

FIC is asking our members to contact Sen. Flexer and politely ask her to retract her statement and apologize to Vice President Pence.

Feel free to put the message in your words, but you could say something like this:

Dear Sen. Flexer:

I strongly disagree with your statement today that Vice President Pence “perpetuates rape culture” by not dining alone with women other than his wife. Taking steps to protect one’s marriage does not turn women into objects or perpetuate rape culture. Much the opposite.

Please do not insult the married couples of Connecticut and the Office of the Vice Presidency. Please retract your statement and apologize to Vice President Pence.

You can send your message to Sen. Flexer here.

FIC also calls upon the Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence, the sponsors of the press conference today, to disavow Sen. Flexer’s bigoted comments about Vice President Pence. Ending sexual violence is a worthy cause that should not be tainted by hatred toward people of faith.

Contact the CT Alliance to End Sexual Violence at and politely ask them to disavow Sen. Flexer’s attack on Vice President Pence.