Our friends at Impact Connecticut, a successor organization to the Connecticut House of Prayer, are planning a 40 Days of Worship Initiative throughout our state’s churches in September and October:

Beginning September 4 through October 14, we have planned 40+ unity gatherings for worship and prayer on 40 consecutive days at 40+ different locations all across the state! The main reason I am writing you is to invite you and your congregation to get in on the party!!

There are three goals:

  • First is to offer the Lord an extravagant expression of worship. That is always appropriate, of course. We hope to continue to build an altar of praise from which the Lord can express his gracious, saving Kingdom rule in our state.

  • The second purpose is repentance and prayer. By repentance we don’t mean listing out a long catalog of all our sins (though that is not a bad thing to do). But rather we mean a turning and crying out for the Lord’s Kingdom to come into the midst of our present great needs as a state and society wandering far from God.

  • And thirdly, these gatherings continue to express the unity we seek to foster in the Body of Christ in Connecticut. We believe it is time for a unity of heart to take us into expressions of united outreach and ministry in our cities, towns and regions of the state.

We invite FIC members to get involved by going to Impact Connecticut’s website, checking out the calendar and, if there is a gathering near you, contact the host site and offer to co-sponsor that meeting. Or you can work with Impact Connecticut to add new gatherings to this initiative. All the information is available on Impact Connecticut’s website.

You may also click this link to hear me discuss the 40 Days of Worship with Impact Connecticut’s Barbara LaChance.