Meanwhile opponents of same-sex marriage are also gearing up. The National Organization for Marriage is holding a march in Washington Tuesday. The Family Institute of Connecticut is a sponsor of the event and its members will be traveling by charter bus to the nation’s capital to attend the gathering.

Well, The Courant ignored the 615 people FIC gathered in front of Hartford’s federal court house a year ago this month to rally for religious freedom and against the HHS Abortion-Drug Mandate, and they gave significant attention to a pro same-sex “marriage” rally at the same spot yesterday attended, by some media accounts, by “dozens.” But kudos to our local paper for at least including the above quote. The Courant is also now reporting the truth about same-sex “marriage” in Connecticut: that it was enacted by our state supreme court in 2008 and not, as frequently and erroneously reported, by the legislature in 2009.


Getting the media to report accurately on what really happened in Connecticut’s same-sex “marriage” fight only took five years. Perhaps it will take them another five years to report on the other untold story: that what the legislature really did in 2009 was to tag the strongest religious liberty exemptions to same-sex “marriage” in the entire nation on to the court’s judicial fiat.

Of the nine states that have same-sex “marriage,” none has a prouder record of defiance to it than Connecticut. Pro same-sex “marriage” activists failed every year they attempted to enact it through the legislature, it only came about by a vote of a single judge filling in on the high court after two mysterious vacancies, and we secured the strongest religious liberty exemptions against it in the entire nation.

That proud tradition continues with FIC members who are present at the March for Marriage in Washington, DC right now. I will be on 1500 AM WSDK at 7:17 am tomorrow to tell their stories.