NARAL is having its annual “politicians make brunch” fundraiser from 11:00-1:00 on Sunday, May 15, at a residence at 226 Kenyon Street in Hartford.  Boy, nothing whets my appetite quite like knowing that a bunch of well-off big-wigs are celebrating abortion practically in my backyard…or not.

Yes, expect the big names. When I protested this event in 2014, though I never saw him, I understood that Governor Malloy was supposed to be in attendance — and sure enough, I was being followed on Twitter by the Governor’s account soon after. Coincidence? Seems doubtful.

Though it is not necessarily a high vehicular traffic area, this is an excellent protest opportunity for visibility to officials — though they may choose to avert their eyes, as Elizabeth Esty did. Since this is a residential neighborhood — not that these are bad practices for other protests — I stuck to the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street, kept moving, and did not engage anyone unless spoken to first; it happened that the first person to do this was a young man who told me, “I’m here with my girlfriend, but I agree with you!” (I refrained from asking him if he wanted a new girlfriend!) However, I could see people in the doorway looking, pointing, and taking pictures. At one point I thought someone may have called the police on me, but it turned out to be a false alarm in one of the very nice, large houses on that street. A little later, I was also engaged in general shooting-the-breeze for a while by a different young man who was likely an aide or staffer. There must have been buzz indoors about this sign, simple and to the point:


Please consider going to remind the elected officials who are supposed to represent us that you, too, vote pro-life and always will. I imagine it’s not just coincidence that they do this on a Sunday morning, but pray on it and ask God what He wants of you. I believe that, try as they might, the influential friends of Big Abortion cannot ignore our witness forever.