Family Institute of Connecticut is pleased that the Wolcott Board of Education has given into the ACLU’s demand that student Seth Groody be allowed to wear a shirt protesting the Day of Silence event that is ironically forced on public school students to fight bullying. But we are struck by the discrepancy in news reporting on this incident.

According to The Courant, what is at issue is an “anti-gay T-Shirt.” How is it “anti-gay,” you ask? Reports The Courant:

The front of the shirt, depicted a rainbow with a slash through it. The back showed a stick figure of a male and a female holding hands and the words, “Excessive Speech Day.”

As will be obvious to anyone without a pro same-sex “marriage” bias, Seth Groody is not attacking people with same-sex attractions, he is attacking an ideological agenda being forced on him and his fellow students against their will. The Republican-American, though including the “anti-gay” canard in a headline, gets it right in the body of its story:

Groody told administrators, who questioned him about the shirt, that he wore it to express his opposition to gay marriage and to protest the Day of Silence, according to the ACLU.

The Courant left out any reference to Groody’s pro-traditional marriage motivation in yesterday’s story. “Same-sex ‘marriage’ is inevitable because the young support it,” the liberal media keeps telling us. And if the young don’t support it, well, the media just won’t tell us.

[3/4 Update: The Republican-American reports that Seth Groody is designing a new short to protest the same-sex “marriage” agenda during the Day of Silence and that his fellow students are already placing orders to buy the shirt (the school is now considering canceling the event.) The Hartford Courant, meanwhile, has run two subsequent items on this story (here and here) neither of which make any reference to the youths opposition to same-sex “marriage.”]