More than 400 people in seven locations around Connecticut gathered to protest Planned Parenthood on Saturday. Nationwide, the count is climbing to near 70,000 with only about 80% of sites reporting.

The Center for Medical Progress’s latest video dropped in the wee hours this morning, not long after a judge released them from an attempt to interfere with their First Amendment rights. The video shows Cate Dyer, CEO of StemExpress, opining that academic “lab techs freak out and have meltdowns” when they receive a shipment of a whole, tiny head. Indeed, why would anyone freak out about that? It’s not as though that sounds like it could be a scene from The Godfather, or anything.

I protested at the very well-hidden Planned Parenthood of West Hartford (no sign — only small print on the awning. I’ve probably driven past it hundreds of times without knowing precisely where it was). It was not on the official master list of rally locations; nevertheless, there was already a crowd when I got there just after 9:00 and I would estimate there were around 40 people there at the height of the vigil. Now and then, one of their employees in a bright pink shirt would come out and take pictures of us with her bright pink phone.



A bit ironic!




Friends of FIC also protested in these locations:

Danbury — 84 attendees reported


That’s our friend Kathy Upson, with Our Lady.

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Stamford — 68 attendees reported


Jennifer Mitchell & daughter Caitlyn

image1 image2 image3 image4 image6

New Haven — 130 attendees reported

Of Connecticut’s major news sources, the New Haven Register is — as far as I can tell — the sole outlet to have covered any of the local protests. CT Post, Stamford Advocate, and Greenwich Time carried variants of the same canned story out of Lafayette, Indiana, even though protests were occurring within 15 minutes’ drive of each. The Register’s coverage is about as decent as could be expected, aside from PP Southern New England president Judy Tabar’s unfortunate claptrap about “extremists…engaged in a fraud,” et cetera. I suggest leaving a comment to say “thank you” to the Register.

New Haven article here  New Haven photo gallery here

Norwich — 30 attendees reported

Fairfield — 75 attendees reported

Enfield — unknown

If anyone has photos or information from Norwich, Fairfield, or Enfield that they would like to share, please send a message to