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FIC Executive Director Peter Wolfgang will be giving a joint workshop with Bryan McCormack, Executive Director of Cornerstone Policy Research (New Hampshire), during the Vision New England GO Conference, May 20-21 at the Connecticut Convention Center in downtown Hartford. The workshop topic is ‘Justice and Mercy at the Ballot Box’:

What is the biblical basis for doing justice and mercy in our voting and social action?  Why are a vast majority of Catholics and other Christians not voting?  Imagine what could happen if all Christians united in impacting society?  How can this happen?

We encourage our members to check out the entire conference details and schedule.

***UPDATE: Due to popular demand, the conference organizers have added single-day options. Attendees may purchase a pass for Friday only ($80); Friday night’s live event plus Saturday ($80); or Saturday only ($65). Register here. *** 

There is also an exciting dinner series in the planning stage:

Introducing the “New Reformation” Series of Catholics with Other Christians:  The time has come for a new Reformation.  How can Catholics and other Christians increase our collaboration in our common mission?  This series is focusing on 4 workshops with Catholics together with other Christian speakers.  This effort is supported by the collaboration of several ministries.

            Pope Francis and “The Joy of the Gospel,”  Scott Brill and Dick Kiernan

            Effective New England Outreach:  Alpha NE Staff

            Justice and Mercy at the Ballot Box:  Bryan McCormack and Peter Wolfgang

            Can Catholics and Other Christians Unite in our NE Mission:  Jurgen Liias, Dennis Gill

 100 Scholarships:  A generous benefactor has provided 100 half scholarships to support people who want to attend this workshop series.  For more info:

Workshop Dinner Invitation on Friday, May 20, 5-7 pm, Launch a New Reformation! $25

The New Reformation Series friends are invited to meet for dinner at a local venue.  We will introduce all participants, talk about the 2017 plans to celebrate Christian unity, and plans to increase our NE collaboration in the next 10 years.  Dinner estimated costs $25.  Please RSVP.   

For more information or or 603-641-5741.

Additional information and directions are available.

We will have updates as we receive more information.