Caring Families vs. City of Hartford

We warned them. They didn’t listen. Now they’re being sued.

And we can only hope our state legislature will be wiser than was the City of Hartford.

Family Institute of Connecticut is very pleased that Alliance Defending Freedom, the legal arm of the pro-family movement, filed suit today against the City of Hartford in response to its anti-pregnancy center ordinance.

FIC warned the City of Hartford all along that their discriminatory ordinance was an unconstitutional act of viewpoint discrimination against pregnancy centers for their pro-life views. We told the City that they would likely be sued for targeting the free speech of pro-lifers and that they would likely lose in court.

We are gratified to see that our first prediction has come true. We hope the second one does too.

And we call upon the Connecticut General Assembly to put a hold on H.B. 7070, an anti-pregnancy center bill currently on the House Calendar that has many of the same constitutional problems as the Hartford ordinance. 

The City of Hartford did not heed our warnings. Now they are being sued and they could end up paying huge fines to the very same pregnancy centers they foolishly targeted. Our state government should learn from the City’s misfortune and avoid making the same mistake.